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This Is What Kind of Regal Leo You Are, According to Your Moon Sign

Erin Magner

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What do Kylie Jenner and Barack Obama have in common? Aside from their stratospheric Instagram-follower counts, they're both Leos—the fifth sign of the zodiac, assigned to those born between July 23 and August 22. Broadly speaking, it's easy to see how the Lip Kit queen and the 44th United States President both embody Leo traits. "Leos can be very extroverted, with flare for the dramatic and expressive," says astrologer and coach Natalia Benson, creator of the Astrology Empowerment Class Series. "But being that Leo is a fixed sign, they are also strong in their convictions and sure of themselves. Leos are very regal. It's the nature of their sign." (Leo is the sign of the lion, after all, AKA king of the jungle.)

That said, these two famous and spotlight-loving Leos have clearly gone down very different paths: One's dedicated his life to public service, and the other to posting selfies (and, okay, sure, some other stuff, too)—what's that all about? Well, the sun sign is just one of many elements that make up a person's natal astrology chart, which provides a snapshot of our personality based on the planets' placements at our exact time and place of birth. Another key chart aspect is the moon sign, which reflects our inner selves and our emotional lives.

Given that the moon moves into a new sign every two days, there are a lot of different ways it can color the Leo sun sign—kind of like placing the Reyes and then the Crema filters on the same smoothie-bowl photo and getting vastly different vibes from each one. For example, Obama's moon sign is in communicative, intellectual Gemini, while Jenner's is in mysterious, magnetic Scorpio.

To find out what kind of Leo you and your loved ones are, just type the birth time, date, and place into a free natal chart generator. Then, read on for Benson's interpretation of how the moon sign affects typical Leo traits.

Leo with an Aries moon

This combo—a fire-sign sun with a fire-sign moon—is extremely passionate on all fronts. "This is a fiery individual," says Benson. "But while Leos are naturally very loving, the Aries moon creates a Leo that's also fiercely independent. Even in their closest relationships, they'll require a lot of autonomy with their emotional life." Just don't be so determined to go it alone that you end up emotionally burning out, the astrologer warns.

Leo with a Taurus moon

Energetic Leo isn't known for being the most patient sign of the zodiac, but a Taurus moon helps this person slow their roll. "A Taurus moon gives Leos an extra dose of patience and emotional grounding that certain expressions of Leo don't have at their fingertips," says Benson. The one downside to this combination? Leo's sensitivity plus Taurus' stubbornness means that this person can be particularly prone to holding grudges.

Leo with a Gemini moon

"This is a very open, communicative Leo—they can orate what they want to say from a very expressive place," says Benson. "You won't have to guess where you stand with them." But at the same time, this person can be prone to overanalyzing when they aren't sure how they feel about a situation. "They're going to weigh their emotional decisions with their intellect, and they often think and think before they express or do," says the astrologer.

Leo with a Cancer moon

Leo's a bold fire sign and Cancer's an emotional water sign—and just like fire and water don't mix, this combination can result in inner conflict. "These Leos can feel like 'I want to keep going full steam ahead, but I've got all these feelings and I need to pay attention to them,'" Benson explains. On the positive side, a Cancer moon can make a Leo more emotionally intelligent and amplify their innate nurturing ability.

Leo with a Leo moon

When the sun and the moon are both in Leo, it turns the volume all the way up on the typical Leo traits. In other words, this is a Leo who's ultra emotionally expressive, courageous, and creative. Benson stresses it's very important for this Leo to find a productive outlet for all that fire. "Boxing, talk therapy, pole dancing—anything that will allow their emotions to move through their body, versus into other people, will be helpful," she says.

Leo with a Virgo moon

This is a Leo who holds their cards close to their chest. "Virgo is earth energy, so it can be like a fortress," says Benson. "This Leo may weigh their decisions and hold back what they're feeling until they decide they're ready to talk about it." To prevent this from negatively impacting relationships, communication is key. "Make sure people know that you need some time alone instead of assuming people know what's going on with you," Benson says.

Leo with a Libra moon

Leo is a naturally romantic and social sign, and that's even more true when a Libra moon is in the mix. "This placement puts extra emotional emphasis on partnerships and relationships," Benson says. "A Leo with a Libra moon craves company, even if it's just one close friend to bounce ideas off." While it may be tempting for these Leos to invest all their emotional energy into others, Benson says it's just as important to take time for themselves.

Leo with a Scorpio moon

A Scorpio moon lends a serious dose of intensity to fun-loving Leo. "This is a Leo that feels deeply and wants to understand their emotions at a deep level," says Benson. "They're very penetrating people." For this combination, she recommends having some kind of practice to help work through all of those feelings, whether it's meditation or just leaning into a good cry. "Making time for the depths of their soul is very important for a Scorpio moon," Benson says.

Leo with a Sagittarius moon

If you know someone with this combination, chances are you call them up when you're looking for a good time. "This is a gregarious Leo who wants to keep it light. They love to enjoy the pleasures of life and don't go too deep into their own emotions," says Benson. Although Sagittarius is a fire sign, she adds, this moon placement is often less dramatic than an Aries or Leo moon—but it all depends on the other planets in their chart.

Leo with a Capricorn moon

"This is a Leo you can rely on," says Benson. "Leo generally isn't a wishy-washy energy, but especially with a Capricorn moon, if they say they're going to be there and they love you, they're there." This earth-sign moon placement gives Leo a greater focus on emotional security, and they can appear serious on the surface when they're experiencing all the feels. Benson's advice for this Leo? "Even though you're very sturdy, make sure you have people you can rely on."

Leo with an Aquarius moon

As the opposite sign to Leo, an Aquarius moon can provide a cerebral balance to the more heart-centered Leo traits. "This person can be very passionate about certain things, but also make cool, collected decisions—Aquarius energy is more big-picture and disconnected, and they don't get super emotionally charged up," she says. This is especially true in group settings, she says, where Aquarian types shine.

Leo with a Pisces moon

Leos like to be the star of the show, but those with a Pisces moon also have a knack for empathizing with others. "This moon placement can soften a Leo personality quite a bit," says Benson. "Sensitivity to what others are going through isn't usually their go-to." This paradox can create some internal confusion, but Benson says the best way to navigate it is for this Leo to embrace their mushier side instead of looking at it as a wet blanket for their fierceness.

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