7 Leo Traits That Make the Fire Sign so Luminous

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Leo is a sign that's born into leadership, and I can't imagine the archetype without a raised stage, a golden throne, and a signature (voluminous) hairstyle. Leos have a presence that's impossible to miss, largely because the spotlight naturally falls to them anyway. But if you have a friend (or are!) born between July 23 and August 22 and want to learn more about Leo traits, then you've come to the right place.

Now of course, not all Leos are exactly the same, because our astrological charts show that we're all a combination of different celestial bodies. A Leo's moon sign will showcase just how extroverted they show up in the world (my Leo Sun, Virgo Moon friend is a firecracker musician who wallflowers at parties). Or those on the cusp of Cancer and Leo might infuse their magnanimous attitude towards friends with a maternal quality. And yet, there are some Leo traits that are absolutely uniform and impossible to miss.

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Below, 7 Leo Traits that make this sign absolutely regal

1. A magnetic personality

Leo is blessed with charisma, people seem to just be drawn to them. This not only gives them an effortless ability to make friends, but it makes it easy for them to make fans. Leo has the aura of a natural performer and many of them are able to make that into a career (see: A-list lions like Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Demi Lovato). And there's a very specific source for their star power.

"Leos are ruled by the Sun making them consciously confident, and will light up the room when they arrive," says Corina Crysler, transformational astrologer.

2. A desire to share the wealth

Since they're so sociable, Leos tend to have pretty expansive friend groups—and those friends often consider Leo's nurturing spirit and generosity to be among their most admirable traits."This is a zodiac sign that would give you the shirt off their back, and buy a round of drinks for everyone at your local dive bar," says astrologer Leona Moon. "Leos express their love and gratitude with grand gestures and dramatic displays of affection."

And this extends to their sense of romanticism, too. "Leo's are very heart-centered and show this through their generosity—which also makes them excellent lovers," says Crysler.

3. An innate creativity

We usually mark water signs as the zodiac wheel's artists, but not so fast. Leo has excellent vision when it comes to making an art project or performance deeply memorable and captivating...and they know how to execute it with a flourish.

"A Leo's inner world is bursting full of creativity—in part, their self-confidence encourages Leos to bravely try new things and artistic pursuits," says Moon. "Sure, Leos are the natural actors of the zodiac with their flare for dramatics, but their self-expression and creativity can be channeled in many ways."

4. An ability to face difficult situations with total bravery

There's a reason why the Gryffindor emblem is a lion: if you find yourself in a crisis, dial up the nearest Leo, and they'll come to your rescue. "

"Leo is a fixed sign and a fire sign, therefore they understand how to root or ground their fire," says Crysler. "This enhances their ability to work through things, bringing stability into situations and their relationships."

5. An unshakeable loyalty

When you have a Leo in your court, you have a forever friend, and their natural dependability also makes them very loving and reliable parents, if they choose to go down that route.

"Leos roam in a pack—they are loyal to those they love," says Moon. "This is one of the most loyal zodiac signs, who will go to great lengths to defend their nearest and dearest."

6. And an unshakeable stubborness

This is the flipside of being a fixed sign, you can be sometimes be completely unmovable (trust me, Taurus here). "Strong and at times ego-centric, Leos can find themselves a little too attached to their ideas and opinions," says Moon. "Changing a Leo's mind is no easy feat."

7. A sense of optimism in the darkest of times

There's no obstacle that a Leo can't best, and this cheerful, playful, sign is always looking to be a center of warmth for others as well.

"This is a zodiac sign that sees the glass as half full," says Moon. "There are always options and possibilities in a Leo's world."

Originally published July 24, 2018. Updated November 24, 2020 with original reporting from Tamim Alnuweiri.

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