7 Times Leslie Jones Was *All* of Us at the Gym

Photo: Instagram/@lesdogggg
Leslie Jones is a national treasure. The Saturday Night Live actress and comedian (and two-time Olympic games correspondent!) has nearly a million followers on Instagram, and she's been using her reach on the platform to document her workouts and share oh-so relatable thoughts about those sweat seshes.

While Jones actually played basketball all throughout high school and went to college on an athletic scholarship, according to The New Yorker, her sporty background in no way compromises the raw honesty she sheds in Instagram captions at the gym. Example? Jones, too, sometimes wishes she were snoozing in her bed rather than working up a sweat and is also happy to just be alive after a spin class on a Peloton bike.  So, just think of her as your personal motivational (and super-hilarious) coach: If she can stick to her fitness intentions, you can too.

In celebration of her exemplary Instagram account and general existence, here are some of Jones' best recent social media moments that are literally all of us at the gym. I, personally, can't wait to see how her sweat sesh game fares in South Korea's Olympic Village later this month.

See some of Leslie Jones' most relatable Instagram moments below.

SLAY ALL DAY!!!! @olympics

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I’m here but I have to say TODAY FUCKING SUCKS!! @trainwiththaddeus

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