These 8 Lettuce-Free Salads Are the Antidote to Summer Greens Burnout

Photo: Nutrition Stripped
During the warmer months, a big ol' bowl of colorful, chilled salad is often the go-to healthy meal—whether you’re tossing together your latest farmers' market finds or picking up a kale Caesar from Sweetgreen.

But, let’s face it: Salad fatigue is real.  At some point, you get sick of picking spinach out of your teeth and choosing between an arugula or romaine base.

The key for reigniting your love affair with raw veggies? Ditching the lettuce—temporarily, at least. Instead of chomping on leaves for the 25th day in a row, there are plenty of ways to get funky with fruit, bold with tubers, and saucy with sweet-and-savory flavor combos.

I turned to some of my favorite chefs and food blogs for a little recipe inspiration—and the dishes that follow are all perfect for when your palate needs a greens hiatus.

Scroll through the slideshow for 8 healthy, lettuce-free salad recipes—all foodie-approved.

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