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Going Back to the Office Doesn’t Mean You Have To Ditch Your Loungewear Thanks to These Cozy Sets

Photo: Lezé the Label
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If you were among the millions of Americans who started working from home amid the pandemic, you learned that the novelty of showing up to work in sweat pants really never wears off. If you're back in the office or planning a return, know that you don't have to leave your cozy clothes behind. Lezé the Label created an entire brand around comfortable yet chic loungewear you can wear on the couch, in the office, and anywhere in between.

Lezé the Label was founded in 2017 after Tanya Lee was inspired by the ability her friend and now business partner Karen Lee had to shamelessly wear Superman pajamas in public. They decided to make a line that embodied that comfort in a way that was office-appropriate.

"Our north star has always been to create work leisure that feels like PJs," says Karen. "When we are thinking about silhouettes, it's usually very timeless cuts that you can wear both at work, but it's still comfortable enough that you can roll around in the floor in, and there was nothing that would hinder this comfort. For example, Tanya hates zippers. She has a vendetta against zippers, so no enclosures—that's how we design."

All of their clothes are made out of recycled fishing nets. "We were brainstorming ideas of how to reuse waste throughout this process and we actually tried many different kinds of waste," from coffee waste to plastic waste, says Tanya. Within the fashion industry, there was a lot of focus on turning plastic straws and bottles into clothing. But, they realized fishing nets could have a greater impact.

"When we did our research, we realized that less than 1 percent of plastic straws actually make it into the ocean, but 10 percent of all the trash in the ocean actually came from abandoned fishing gear," says Karen. "So we decided to focus on this waste as the highlighted waste to be turning into our clothing. And it turns out that we could make it feel like a buttery cloud."

Buttery cloud is exactly what Lezé's fabric feels like. Remember the scuba fabric that got really big around 2013? Lezé's fabric is squishy like that but much more refined. It doesn't crease or wrinkle, meaning the pieces always look polished. "We needed our fabric to be really structured to bring out the more formal parts of our garments," says Tanya. When you think of comfortable clothing, your mind likely first goes to natural materials like cotton or silk. Even though Lezé's clothes are made from nylon, they're incredibly soft, breathable, and sweat-wicking.

"The main focus actually for our fabrics is actually the yarn size," says Tanya. "We have tried various yarn sizes to make sure that our fabric feels the way it feels. Our yarn size is actually very delicate. So it's super, super thin. With that thin yarn size, obviously, our fabric becomes more delicate and it's more prone to damage from other coarser fabrics being around it. But that's how our fabric becomes really silky and really soft."

The magic in Lezé's products lies in the simplicity of their classic designs. The pieces are perfect for my wardrobe as a 25-year-old, but I also had to stop my 64-year-old mother from trying to take them. The brand's most recent launch focuses on three gorgeous shades: oat (a creamy white), mocha (a cool taupe), and almond (a warm camel). Shop all six pieces below.


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Athena sweater

Think of the Athena sweater as your favorite sweatshirt, reimagined. It's a boxy pullover accented with a structured V-neck, and looks great with sweats, skirts, and jeans.

Athena Sweater Mocha
Athena Sweater Mocha — $108.00

The Amaya sweater features puffy sleeves, a flexible boat-neck, and a comfortable, cinched waist.

Amaya sweater

Nothing says "fall workwear essentials" like a cozy sweater, and this one offers equal parts comfort and style. It features puffy sleeves, a flexible boat neck, and a cinched waist.

Maya turtleneck

You know how some turtlenecks can make you feel claustrophobic? Well, this one won't. It's made with a structured neckline that doesn't hug too close to your skin, and offers a relaxed fit all over.

Haven pant

Pulling on these trousers, you'd swear you were wearing a standard pair of leggings. They've got a straight-leg fit, and a belted waist to add a little bit of flair to your workday look.

Kendal pant

The Kendal pant's sleek, straight leg and comfortable, fitted waistband make them the perfect pair to wear at home or in the office.

Isla midi skirt

Yes—it is possible to own a skirt that feels like loungewear. This one is made with Lezé's buttery-soft fabric, and features two slits to the outside edge of the knees for comfortable movement.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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