One Star-Crossed Zodiac Sign Is Predicted To Have the Best Luck in Love in 2021

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When Astrology Zone founder Susan Miller releases her predictions for each sign for the upcoming year, special attentions seems to be paid to which cosmic personality will have the most romantic journey around the sun. While being the luckiest in love may not be as exciting as having your emerald year (which basically means being the celestial favorite), after the mass isolation that came to define 2020, a heart-eyed year ahead is certainly a solid silver-medal-worthy horoscope. According to Miller, the Libra love horoscope for 2021 is the one that looks to be a full rose bed of romantic opportunity.

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  • Susan Miller, star astrologer and founder of Astrology Zone

"Libra wins the jackpot," Miller says. "This shows the best of luck for good, gorgeous love. And they’ve had such a hard time the past three years. I'm really happy for Libra."

"Libra wins the jackpot. This shows the best of luck for good, gorgeous love." —Susan Miller, astrolger

I’m really happy for Libra, too, because for this air sign, that forecast is winning the jackpot. Libras (those born between September 22 and October 23) are ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty and pleasure—and it shows. They have a sometimes-flighty fixation on romance, with a tendency to fall hard and a desire to couple up as much as possible. And sun sign aside, Libra is clearly relationship-oriented, given its placement with astrological houses, because it rules over the seventh house of partnerships. They typically desire someone else to balance them out.

So, what exactly can Libra expect during their love year? Well, it depends on their current relationship status and where they'd like to go next. For Libras who are single and no longer want to be, for instance, there's an incredible chance of meeting a big love match. If you’re happily coupled and looking to take it to the next step, perhaps you'll get engaged or married or move in together. And if you’re trying to have a baby? The stars may be in your favor to do that, too.

If you are looking to take any of those next steps, though, Miller suggests avoiding chaotic periods of Mercury retrograde. (Libra is, after all, into preserving harmony and keeping the peace.) Mercury retrograde will happen January 30 to February 21, May 29 to June 22, and September 27 to October 23. Of course, do whatever you want whenever you want—just passing along the information.

And to really maximize romantic odds post-pandemic, Libra babies could also benefit from getting cosmic intel from books. A few personal favorites for understanding each zodiac sign's passions and pitfalls are Astrology for Real Relationships ($18), and The Astrology of Love and Sex: A Modern Compatibility Guide ($18). Mapping out harmonious Venus transits with Miller’s The Year Ahead Astrological Wall Calendar ($27) is also a wise bet. After all, even amid a year that looked nothing like anyone could have predicted, my 2020 calendar inspired me to act with complete confidence whenever I saw a fortuitous day. It might get you to make some moves, too, next year.

So, a round of applause for you, Libra—be sure to enjoy every second of your romantic bliss.

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