Libra Personality Traits That Explain the Zodiac’s Most Balanced Sign

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Know someone who has a strong sense of justice and a preference to methodically talk things through? Are they particularly fashionable and flirtatious? If so, ask them about their birthday. The key Libra personality traits highlight a strong possibility these people were born in early fall, between September 22 and October 23, under the sun sign of the scales of balance.

It's during Libra season that the school year kicks into high gear, and no matter how old you are or how long it's been since you graduated, key Libra personality traits involve reflecting on feelings reminiscent of those days. That's because these air signs are known to be among the more scholarly members of the zodiac. They're breezy, like a cool fall day; charming, like a turtleneck sweater; intelligent, like how you may feel in geometry class before subject matter extends beyond "this is a right angle." But I digress.

Want to learn a little more about these balanced, fair romantics? Below, intuitive healer and astrologers Rachel Lang and Maria Marmanides share details about key Libra personality traits and how knowing them can help you better get along with Libras in your life, and make them feel happy, successful, and loved.

10 Most Prominent Libra Personality Traits

1. Libras can get along with just about anyone

Easygoing Libra personality traits make these balanced air signs simple to get along with. You can find them chatting up the shy wallflower at a party, digging for common threads of interest between themselves.

“Libra, as somebody who is ruled by Venus, is going to want to seek out common partnerships,” says Marmanides. “They want to have fun with friends, they want to go out, they want to have adventures, and do fun things. Libra lives for connection.”

2. Libras are social butterflies

Libras are true charmers: they are generous, kind, and thoughtful, with a curious mind and an excellent sense of style.

"They tend to think of others before themselves," says Lang. "They make excellent dinner-party hosts, as they shower their guests with compliments and go the extra mile."

3. Libras aren’t here for the drama

Petty arguments, grudges, and gossip aren’t Libra’s speed. If you have a personal problem with a Libra, skip the theatrics.

"Ruled by Venus, the planet of balance and harmony, Libra wants to have drama-free relationships," says Lang.

4. Libras care deeply about justice and like to play fair

Their desire for justice and equality doesn’t come from a place of authoritarianism (*cough*, Capricorn, *cough*), but rather from a place of concern for those who are mistreated.

“That need for justice, that want for fairness, is really all about compassion,” says Marmanides. “Before they come to any kind of firm conclusion on something, they really do want to consider the other person’s needs, the other person’s wants and motivations.”

5. Libras avoid conflict, almost to a fault

Libra is the sign of balance; as such, conflicts and arguments can send Libras into a spiral. Rough waters aren’t fun, and Libras are all about having a good time.

"They tend to avoid conflict, or, if they find themselves involved in a conflict, they mediate as soon as possible to restore a state of balance and equilibrium," says Lang.

6. Libras are open-minded

Libras are analytical and love to see the world from other points of view. These signs are incredibly unbiased, making them able to see both sides of an argument.

“The element of air is associated with mental cognition, with thinking, with intellectuals, with philosophers,” says Marmanides. “So when you put that energy together with Libra, some of their most positive qualities are how often they're deeply in thought. They really do want to consider every angle, they want to be fair.”

7. Libras are true romantics

Libras seek out connection of all types, but especially in love and sex. These lovey-dovey signs believe life is best spent with someone you love by your side.

“Venus rules the sign of Libra,” says Marmanides. “That means that the themes of love, sex, and relationships are kind of baked into the core of who Libra is. This is somebody that is always looking for that proverbial or literal other half.”

8. Libras can be indecisive

Their airy open-mindedness can make decision-making especially difficult. Since Libras can get caught up on the pros and cons of every side, making definitive decisions based isn’t their strong suit.

"They're great mediators of conflict, but are challenged when they have internal mental battles between two options," says Lang. "Going out on a first date or to a special event, Libra might change clothes in front of the mirror several times before deciding on the perfect outfit. And perfection is another Libra pursuit; they fear disappointing others or making the wrong decision."

9. Libras care a lot about their appearance

“They're willing to experiment with their style,” says Marmanides. “From a celebrity point of view, Gwyneth Paltrow, I think, is the ultimate Libra. She's very meticulous about her appearance. Always put-together, always fashion forward, always leading the trends.”

While this may seem superficial to some, their love of fashion and self maintenance stems from wanting to make the world a more beautiful place.

“They really care about things like art, fashion, appearances,” says Marmanides, “and yes, you could look at that as superficial, but it's really not. To Libra, there is so much injustice in the world, there is so much that could be considered ‘ugly’, and Libras just want things to be beautiful. So they really do try to create and appreciate beauty in the world.

10. Libras live for luxury

Libras are ruled by Venus, the planet that governs aesthetics, love, and money. They appreciate all the luxuries life has to offer and love to indulge in decadent art, food, and expensive goods.

“Libras have Scorpio ruling their second house, and that means money is very important to them,” says Marmanides. “Scorpio is a sign of power and resources, so Libras will naturally want to accrue a lot of assets and resources. When it comes to spending, they're going to want to spend on anything that makes them look good, feel good, or have status, so they'll be drawn to luxury brands and anything aesthetically pleasing.”

Libra Traits With Love and Sex

One specific area where indecision isn't an issue for Libra, though, is when it comes to falling in love. In fact, these hopeless romantics may well fall in love with the very idea of love. But, especially given that they prioritize balance, working to find a bit of independence outside their relationship is important.

Libra will work hard to get along with any star sign that sparks their interest, but Lang notes they might hold a special romantic place in their heart for fire signs Leo and Sagittarius, or fellow air signs Aquarius and Gemini.

To be the best companion possible to this sign, Lang says to "try to be thoughtful with the Libra in your life. Notice how they go out of their way to do things for you. Learn their love language, and use it regularly. Libra will reciprocate. Don’t stir too much drama or create unnecessary conflict."

"One little-known fact about Libra is that, though they are born under the partnership sign, they actually need personal space," adds Lang. "Libras who stay single have learned valuable lessons in self-reliance and self-determination. For Libra to have a true partnership, they need to balance both."

Their airiness often manifests in a love of chatting and flirting—even for Libras who skew more introverted. So to get along well with a Libra, allow them the space to move from one conversation to the next, especially at a social gathering.

"Let them work the room, without holding them back," Lang says. "They enjoy new experiences and meeting new people."

Libra Traits With Career and Money

In workplace settings, Marmanides says that Libras thrive in managerial roles, especially ones that require task delegation and good teamwork.

“When it comes to delegating tasks, Libras are a lot better at it,” says Marmanides. “They're very reliable, they're very dependable, because they also want to make sure that they're making your life easier, and you're making their life easier.”

Lang recommends that Libras (or those whose career-focused 10th house in astrology is in Libra) focus their professional energies on Venus-approved fields that support love and beauty. Both Lang and Marmanides agree that creative pursuits such as fashion design, styling, makeup artistry, and filmmaking are all strong career options for Libras. Fields that require mediation skills and a passion for justice, such as relationship coaching, matchmaking, and law, are also great career picks for Libras.

As noted above, Scorpio rules their second house, meaning money is very important to them. While accruing money and attaining financial security means a great deal to Libras, they have a penchant for the finer things in life, and aren’t afraid to splurge a little.

“They have expensive tastes,” says Marmanides. “That kind of kind of goes hand in hand; they're going to want nice things, so that kind of Scorpio energy in their second house of money helps.

Libra Traits With Friendships

This amicable social butterfly usually keeps a wide network of friends from different walks of life. According Marmanides, Libras love to surround themselves with pals who fulfill different aspects of their personalities. They’re the kind of people to have several different rotating friend groups, all brought together by different common interests.

“Libra is one of the best friends that you can have,” says Marmanides. “Libras have multiple people who are willing to vouch for them because of their loyalty, because of their compassion, and because of the fun that they bring. They're fun people to be around.”

These friendships help tether the airy sign, who ironically often find other areas of their life unbalanced, says Lang.

"Balance is something they’re striving for but rarely achieving," Lang says. "They can go to extremes to find their balance. Once they do, though, they feel happy. Libra also needs relationships for happiness, to feel deep connections with others."

Libra’s Like and Dislikes

Creative expression is the spice of life for Libras. Displays of artistic genius like fashion shows, art galleries, theater productions, and indie film screenings are all especially thrilling for them.

“Libra likes anything in terms of fashion, art, beauty,” adds Marmanides. “They’re an art gallery kind of person, or maybe somebody who's kind of meticulous about their appearance. Not in a Virgo type of meticulousness, but in a fashion-forward, cover of Vogue kind. Very up [to date] on the trends.”

During periods of social unrest, you may notice your Libra loved one become extremely excited or agitated. A disruption in justice, especially on a massive scale, deeply disturbs Libras. This is why argumentative “tough guy” types turn them off almost immediately.

“Things that feel unfair, things that feel unjust, especially from a social level, are really going to make them upset because they have a lot of compassion,” notes Marmanides. “Cruelty, violence, or ugly displays, if you will, are definitely a major dislike.”

Libra’s Challenges and Growth Opportunities

While Libras will stick their neck out for loved ones in the name of justice, they tend to have a difficult time standing up for themselves. Their easygoing nature can be taken advantage of, as their hatred of conflicts keeps them from saying “no.” Libras are the type of people who choose to see the good in people, even when they’re being used.

"Theirs is the sign of relationships, which means they can have a tendency to prioritize others and need to learn to balance autonomy and interdependence,” says Lang. “Otherwise, they can find themselves people-pleasing, which is a temptation for Libra."

Libras are infamous for sometimes being indecisive, a stereotype that comes from their methodical process for working to understand all viewpoints before making a conclusion. The trouble, though, comes, when all possible viewpoints for a given decision start and end with themselves. For instance, if you're waiting for a Libra to make a meal selection for takeout, prepare to hunker down for what might be a longer-than-necessary process of weighing personal pros and cons in their own head.

“They're very smart, but they've got a lot happening, in terms of mental capacity when it's time to sort of put the pen down and make a decision, come to a conclusion, or make a judgment. ,” says Marmanides. “When it comes time to actually make a decision, it's like a paralysis by analysis kind of thing. They spend so much time thinking, consulting other people's opinions, reading up on a topic, that when it’s time to actually make a firm decision, they struggle.You have to kind of give Libras time to come to conclusions on their own.”

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