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Your Guide to Libra Personality Traits That Fully Explain These Fair and Balanced Romantics

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Know someone who has a strong sense of justice and a preference to methodically talk things through? If so, consider their birthday. The key Libra personality traits highlight a strong possibility these people were born in early fall, between September 22 and October 23, under the sun sign of the scales of balance.

It's during Libra season that the school year kicks into high gear, and no matter how old you are or how long it's been since you graduated, key Libra personality traits involve reflecting on feelings reminiscent of those days. That's because these air signs are known to be among the more scholarly members of the zodiac. They're breezy, like a cool fall day; charming, like a turtleneck sweater; intelligent, like how you may feel in geometry class before subject matter extends beyond "this is a right angle." But I digress.

Want to learn a little more about these balanced, fair romantics? Below, intuitive healer and astrologer Rachel Lang share details about key Libra personality traits and how knowing them can help you better get along with Libras in your life, and make them feel happy, successful, and loved.

The key Libra personality traits

As the pleasant peacemakers of the zodiac, Libras are super-easy to get along with and make a point of considering both sides of every story. "They tend to avoid conflict, or, if they find themselves involved in a conflict, they mediate as soon as possible to restore a state of balance and equilibrium," says Lang. "Theirs is the sign of relationships, which means they can have a tendency to prioritize others and need to learn to balance autonomy and interdependence. Otherwise, they can find themselves people-pleasing, which is a temptation for Libra."

That being said, Libras are infamous for sometimes being indecisive, a stereotype that comes from their methodical process for working to understand all viewpoints before making a conclusion. The trouble, though, comes, when all possible viewpoints for a given decision starts and ends with themselves. For instance, if you're waiting for a Libra to make a meal selection for takeout, prepare to hunker down for what might be a longer-than-necessary process of them weighing personal pros and cons in their own head.

"Libras are great mediators but are challenged when they have internal battles between two options. They might change clothes several times before deciding on the perfect outfit." — Rachel Lang, astrologer

"They're great mediators of conflict but are challenged when they have internal mental battles between two options," says Lang. "Going out on a first date or to a special event, Libra might change clothes in front of the mirror several times before deciding on the perfect outfit. And perfection is another Libra pursuit; they fear disappointing others or making the wrong decision."

One specific area where indecision isn't an issue for Libra, though, is when it comes to falling in love. In fact, these hopeless romantics may well fall in love with the very idea of love. But, especially given that they prioritize balance, working to find a bit of independence outside their relationship is important.

"One little-known fact about Libra is that, though they are born under the partnership sign, they actually need personal space," says Lang. "Libras who stay single have learned valuable lessons in self-reliance and self-determination. For Libra to have a true partnership, they need to balance both."

Finally, Libras are true charmers; they are generous, kind, and thoughtful, with a curious mind and an excellent sense of style. "They tend to think of others before themselves," says Lang. "They make excellent dinner-party hosts, as they shower their guests with compliments and go the extra mile."

How to get along with a Libra

Easygoing Libra personality traits make these balanced air signs simple to get along with. In fact, they themselves value getting along with others and avoiding big problems.

"Ruled by Venus, the planet of balance and harmony, Libra wants to have drama-free relationships," says Lang. To be the best companion possible to this sign, "try to be thoughtful with the Libra in your life. Notice how they go out of their way to do things for you. Learn their love language, and use it regularly. Libra will reciprocate. Don’t stir too much drama or create unnecessary conflict."

Also, their airiness often manifests in a love of chatting and flirting—even for Libras who skew more introverted. So to get along well with a Libra, allow them the space to move from one conversation to the next, especially at a social gathering. "Let them work the room, without holding them back," Lang says. "They enjoy new experiences and meeting new people."

What Libra needs in order to be happy

"Balance is something they’re striving for but rarely achieving," Lang says. "They can go to extremes to find their balance. Once they do, though, they feel happy. Libra also needs relationships for happiness, to feel deep connections with others."

So, if you find yourself getting irritated by a Libra overcome with indecision about a certain choice in front of them, do this cardinal sign a favor and just provide them the space they need before they commit wholeheartedly to any kind of change. Once they land on the most balanced decision they can stand by, they'll be happier and also grateful to you for being a good friend who understands them.

Libra and romantic compatibility

Libra will work hard to get along with any star sign that sparks their interest, but Lang notes they might hold a special romantic place in their heart for fire signs Leo and Sagittarius, or fellow air signs Aquarius and Gemini.

Libra-approved careers

Lang recommends that Libras (or those whose career-focused 10th house in astrology is in Libra) focus their professional energies on Venus-approved fields that support love and beauty. Ideas include fashion designer, buyer, stylist, makeup artist, relationship coach, matchmaker, and mediator. Or they can focus on justice, as a lawyer, judge, or academic.

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