On the Cusp: What It Means When You’re a Darkly Balanced Combo of Libra and Scorpio

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Stefanie Iris Weiss Each month with On the Cusp, we point our astrological magnifying glass on all the people born between two zodiac signs. Because when your birthday falls at either the tail end or the very beginning of your sun sign’s season, your personality may be influenced by your cosmic neighbor.

Now, with autumn chills coming into fuller force, the Libra Scorpio cusp is taking the astrological spotlight. Below, Stefanie Iris Weiss, astrologer and co-author of Surviving Saturn’s Return: Overcoming the Most Tumultuous Time of Your Life, explains what happens when fair and just Libra (September 23 to October 22) collides with dark and powerful Scorpio (October 23 to November 22).

If you feel things getting serious and dark and spooky as the days get shorter and cooler, it seems that you’re feeling it in your bones that Scorpio season is upon us. According to Weiss, now marks a good time for focusing on integration, intimacy, and depth as we descend into Scorpio’s underworld after making idle cocktail conversations under Libra for month.

“It’s no accident that Halloween falls early in the Scorpio season,” Weiss says. “The thinning of the veils between worlds feels a whole lot like stepping from the airy sweetness of Libra into the sometimes scary, endless intensity of Scorpio.”

“Late-degree Libras wear their Scorpio flavor beneath a veneer of flawlessness. They look good, sound good, and know how to play the game without giving away their intentions or their fears.” —Stefanie Iris Weiss, astrologer

But if you’re someone who’s born on the Libra Scorpio cusp—meaning at the very tail end of Libra season or the very beginning of Scorpio—what does that say about you and your personality? First, it’s worth clarifying that when you’re on the cusp, you do belong to one sun sign or another, meaning you’re either a Libra or a Scorpio, but you may be influenced by traits of your neighboring sign. Below, Weiss speaks to how that may look for you.

Tell me about the traits of a Libra again

Libras seek balance, and, as such, can analyze any situation with objectivity. However, because they can see both sides of a story with an almost-too-fair sense of justice, getting them on your side no matter what is tough to accomplish. As a typical air sign, Libra seeks the truth in all situations. They can be personable, charming, and engaging when it comes to highly intellectual conversations.

Since they’re ruled by Venus, Libras also often have a preoccupation with keeping up appearances and a romantic streak that usually points to them being coupled up.

And what about a Scorpio’s personality?

Scorpios are characteristically intense, passionate, guarded, and always striving to dive deeper. They tend to have a dark streak that can lead to a possessive and vindictive nature.

“Scorpio energy is detective energy; it wants to know everything about everything, specifically about human behavior so that it can connect to other humans without boundaries,” Weiss says “The secret to Scorpio is that they hold everything close to the vest and only sting when someone gets close to their vulnerability.”

So what does it mean to be born on the Libra Scorpio cusp?

If you’re on the Libra side of the scale, there’s a tension between maintaining the image of balance and needing to go the more cloak-and-dagger route. “Late-degree Libras wear their Scorpio flavor beneath a veneer of flawlessness,” Weiss says. “They look good, sound good, and know how to play the game without giving away their intentions or their fears. This is a femme fatale character who looks like pure sweetness, but cross her, and you’ll realize that she’s been in control the entire time.”

Early-season Scorpios are a bit less interested in appearances, and sometimes they show their cards out of a longing to connect. They maintain a love of art and beauty because of their closeness to the Libra cusp, and they find it to be a soothing balm to their more prickly side.

On the human-connection front, cusp-season Scorpios skew less exclusive than their later-in-the-month peers. “Scorpios born later in the sign prefer one-on-one interactions with those who’ll dive to the depths with them, but cusp babies can get a lot of juice out of socializing with a larger group as well,” Weiss says. “Just don’t be surprised if your early Scorpio friend hangs off to the side, observing everyone with laser-beam intensity. She’s just taking notes for navigating her own relationships.”

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