Libra Season Encourages Striking a Balance—Here’s What To Expect for Your Zodiac Sign

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After an unusually hot, sweaty summer, the seasons are finally shifting. The planning and back-to-school vibes of Virgo season are finally giving way to Libra season, which heralds autumn’s arrival along with the fall equinox. And it's a good idea to do more to prepare than just putting away the pool floats and busting out the coziest sweaters.

Prioritizing harmony and finding a rhythm between all the aspects of your life is a chief concern of Libra season. Because Libra is a highly social sign that thrives off of connections with others, figuring out how to balance your commitment to the people in your life while still fulfilling your own needs is the calling of this time period. “Libra season is where we are really looking at whether our life is in balance, and asking ‘what is my truth,’ and knowing that the truth is different for everyone,” says astrologer and tarot reader Megan Skinner, co-host of the So Divine! podcast.

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When is Libra season 2023?

Libra season begins with the fall equinox on September 23, and lasts until October 22, when the sun will shift into the sign of Scorpio.

Along with a crisp fall breeze, we’ll all be feeling the Libra energy that suffuses the season. What exactly is that? A social, friendly, and welcoming energy that invites everyone to strive to create a well-balanced life.

Overall mood and energy of Libra season 2023

According to astrologer Stephanie Gailing, author of The Complete Guide to Astrological Self-Care and Skinner's co-host of the So Divine! podcast, Libras are social people who thrive off connections to others. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, Libra is also a sign that loves all things good and beautiful; they make a concerted effort to create beauty and elegance in their lives, which ties perfectly with their uncanny ability to charm others and form connections. “It's almost like that social engagement becomes not only a passport to the beauty that comes through sharing time with others, but it also becomes a passport to experiences that bring grace, pleasure, and beauty,” she says.

Part of creating this beauty also has to do with cultivating an inner sense of peace and well-being. "Libra season is also about how you can beautify your life not in a superficial way, but in a deeper, more spiritual way," says Skinner. Cooperation and fairness are key Libra values, and it's the sign of truth and justice so in its season it's also important to strive to discover and live your truth, which in turn creates beauty and balance on your terms—not someone else's.

"Libra season is also about how you can beautify your life not in a superficial way, but in a deeper, more spiritual way."—Megan Skinner, astrologer, tarot reader, and podcast host

Justice and equality are important for Libras—its symbol is a scale, after all—and they’ll go out of their way to ensure fairness for others in their lives. Considered to be the zodiac's diplomat, Libra wants above all for things to be fair and right; this is a noble goal, but it can sometimes tip into overextending themselves or people pleasing simply to avoid conflict.

"Libra is always seeking harmony and will do anything to get there, so they will sometimes shy away from conflict and confrontation," says Skinner. The challenge for this sign, and the overall season, is to find balance without dropping any plates or overburdening yourself.

Which zodiac signs are most affected by Libra season 2023?

Libra's fellow cardinal signs will feel the season's vibrations most acutely. In addition to Libra, which brings the fall, Aries, which starts the spring; Cancer, which starts the summer; and Capricorn, the bringer of winter, will all feel an intense need to make things happen in their lives.

Additionally, both Gemini and Aquarius will also get a boost of self confidence during Libra season because they both share its air element. Skinner says the these two signs will feel much more like themselves during this time and will find some particularly harmonious energy during Libra season.

Key transits affecting every sign during Libra season 2023

Planetary movements

The first couple weeks of October are marked by some planetary shuffling as a number of personal planets move into new zodiac signs, which Skinner says "might cause you to feel some shifting energies" around your relationships, communications, and motivation. Venus, Libra’s planetary ruler, is finally moving out of Leo where it has been stationed since June. Expect a few more weeks of that confident, go-getter summer energy—which Gailing says will give us a chance to reflect on what we value and how we value ourselves—before Venus shifts into Virgo on October 8.

It's not all fun and games, though. Some intensity is on the way once Pluto, which is associated with rebirth and renewal, stations direct on October 10 after a lengthy period in retrograde motion. Symbolizing what’s hidden beneath the surface, the farthest planet in the solar system has a heavy energy that can signal power struggles. Gailing recommends using the days around this transit to consider what power you yield, and how you can best use it.

Mars will hang out in Libra until October 11, when it shifts into Scorpio. This alignment of the planet of action, which symbolizes what you desire and how you move through the world, with the ambitious sign is like adding rocket fuel to your sense of motivation and drive, says Skinner. You might feel especially motivated to create these Libra themes of harmony, partnership, and balance in your life because of this transit; don’t be surprised if you find yourself willing your wishes into existence through sheer persistence and momentum. “That Mars [and Scorpio] energy really gives a little more oomph,” she says.

Things may have been feeling a bit wonky on a macro level lately, and that’s largely because of a planetary retrograde surge. Five planets will be stationed retrograde: Pluto (until Oct. 12), Neptune, Saturn, Uranus, and Jupiter. Expect this soup of generational planets to impart insights for the collective rather than for your own individual consideration.

Lunar transits

Plenty of lunar happenings illuminate Libra season 2023. Kicking it off is a full moon in the sign of Aries on September 29. A square, or tension, between Venus and Uranus on this exact day lends this full moon a particular measure of intensity, so be ready for surprises. “That full moon usually brings to light questions or situations related to relationships, but it’s also a reminder of where we are and whether our needs are being met because Aries reminds us of the self,” explains Gailing.

New moons signify new beginnings, and October 14 brings a new moon solar eclipse in Libra. While the energy is most potent on the day of the eclipse itself, the couple days preceding and following this lunar move are ripe with possibility. “Eclipse energy is a time of change... like death and rebirth energy,” says Skinner. This one in particular is colored by the Libran urge to make life more harmonious. Gailing adds that it's key to "honor the fact that the tides are turning, and not push for definitions," meaning don't worry if you don't understand exactly how this change will appear in your life just yet.

Understanding how Libra season will affect you, based on your birth chart

While every zodiac sign will feel the Libran energy as the sun shines in that sign, exactly how each experiences the season will vary slightly based on the astrological house affected. To get the best idea of what to expect this Libra season, read for your rising, moon, and sun signs. Below, find out from Gailing and Skinner about which star-sanctioned happenings each zodiac sign may experience this Libra season.

Libra season 2023 horoscopes for every zodiac sign


The symbol for the aries zodiac sign, which resembles a ram.

You’re taking stock of your partnerships now, Aries. The sun is shining in your seventh house of relationships and partnerships, means it’s time for you to consider not only who you want to align with, but also how you want these bonds to look, says Gailing. “[Ask yourself] how is it that I'm engaging with other people and how can I engage with other people so that my life is the most fruitful, whether it's personally or professionally,” she says. You should introspect about your own behavior in all your relationships and whether your approach is serving you. Maybe it’s time to switch up your strategy and try something new in this second part of the year.


When you consider your well-being, Taurus, how are you feeling? Your sixth house of habits and routines is in the spotlight this season, which means it’s time to take the Libran inclination to balance the scales seriously. Think about which parts of your day work, and which don’t. “This is a time of looking at your relationship with your daily rhythms of life and if there’s anything you need to shake up there to get back into balance with your body, mind, and spirit,” says Skinner.


It’s a good thing you’re a skilled merry-maker, Gemini, because the sun is highlighting your fifth house of creativity and pleasure this Libra season. It’s important to use this time to tap into your creativity and express yourself for your own fulfillment. “It is a really beautiful time for finding more fun, and more play, and levity,” Gailing adds. Be sure to do something that’ll help you tap into your inner child, whether that's drawing, painting, or some other creative expression. You might also express yourself through your clothes or through language; the most important thing is to “shake up your creativity,” Skinner says.


Home is on your mind this Libra season, Cancer. Your fourth house of family and home is activated, so Skinner says you’ll be looking at how you might add more beauty and balance to your home. You very well may declutter or redecorate your physical space, but Skinner says you’re also called to take a look at how your familial dynamics are playing out. “You’re looking at if you’re giving too much in your family relationships or with your partner or children with the theme [in mind] of bringing them into balance,” she says.


Your third house of communications is on the line, Leo, and with it comes a potential change in how you relate to others. According to Skinner, “this would be a great time to open your mind to new ways of thinking.” This house is very intellectual, she says, so consider how you might enhance your knowledge by learning a new skill, or taking a class, or even just starting to learn a language on Duolingo. You might also consider putting your thoughts into words by writing or journaling. If you’re not much of a wordsmith, you can still find novel ways to express yourself in another medium.


Virgo, your primary focus this season is on your sense of value. Your second house of security is in the sun’s sights, and as a result you’re encouraged to see where your literal balance sheet lacks balance. Take a look at anything related to money, like your savings and investments, and restore harmony there if you’ve been either spending or scrimping too much, says Gailing.


Happy birthday, Libra! The sun illuminates the first house of the self during your season and turns the focus toward examining who you want to be in terms of how you relate to others. “Think about how you can reinvent yourself, and also how you can reinvent yourself in regards to the relationships in your life,” says Skinner. If you’re the person who is always planning your group outings, for example, consider whether that’s serving you—would it be better to take a step back and let someone else take that responsibility on?


Scorpio, turn your attention to the 12th house of the subconscious mind. According to Skinner, your calling is to “explore the deeper parts of your psyche” to enact balance in your life. “It’s a wonderful time to understand yourself and your relationship with spirituality on a deeper level,” she explains. If you’re not already in therapy, she says this is an opportune time to start going if you can swing it. You might also really tap into your spiritual side by trying to read tarot or visiting a psychic.


How is everything going with your friends, Sagittarius? Libra season will hit you in the 11th house of friendships and community, which means you're considering where you can create and restore stability in your social realm. Think about the dynamics of your groups and your place within them, advises Skinner. Are you due for a role change, or even to form new relationships? Let this marinate and then come up with a plan to make it happen.


The sun is positioned in your 10th house, Capricorn, which means your brief is to take a look at how things are going in your career. "Do a gut check and ask, ‘Am I going in the direction in the direction I want to be going?’” suggests Gailing. Is there more you want to accomplish in your role, or something you really want to do? Put that in your sights and consider if you need to shift anything around to make it happen. You don’t have to do this alone, either—call on your social networks, like mentors, coworkers, and friends, to see if they can give you some support.


What are your bigger goals and aims in life, Aquarius? Dedicate some time to this question, suggests Gailing, because the sun is in your ninth house of higher knowledge and learning. “It’s a really good time for thinking, ‘What am I up to in life, and what do I want to be up to in life, and therefore what do I need to start to put in place [to get there]?’” she says. Use this time to really enrich your mind and soul through activities like reading books so you might start to chip away at this big question. Part of the exploration of this can be literal, too, as it’s also an opportune time to expand your mind and horizons through travel.


“[The eighth house] is literally and figuratively who you get into bed with,” says Gailing, and that’s where your attention is called this Libra season, Pisces. Your focus should be examining the intimacy in your life, both sexual and emotional. “This may be a time of looking at where you want more intimacy,” she says. Think about how you might be more fulfilled in these realms and what changes need to be made to get there.

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