The Advice a Successful Career Woman Wishes She Could Have Given Her Younger Self

It would be way easier to make important life decisions if you had a crystal ball to show you the outcome of said decisions (sort of like reading ahead in a choose your own adventure book).

Unfortunately, we don’t quite have that—no matter what your horoscope says. What we do have is the example of the thriving women ahead of us, like Dian Griesel of Silver Disobedience, who has found success in almost every field (seriously, she has everything from hypnotherapist to author and model on her resumé alongside stints at a venture capital bank and founding a PR company).

With all that experience, she has some good life advice. "One of the things I've learned with age is that we're all one of a kind," she says. "And I think it's our responsibility to the life we've been given to show the world every aspect of who we are."

"I think it’s our responsibility to the life we’ve been given to show the world every aspect of who we are.”

Part of that responsibility is taking care of your body as you age (yes, self care totally has a longevity connection). So whether you're boosting your exercise routine or taking restorative supplements like MitoQ, which supports your mitochondria to help you maintain your vibrancy, it's all about living your healthiest, most powerful life.

For more sage wisdom from Griesel—from how she adds movement into her life when she’s chained to a desk all day to how her perception of beauty has changed—watch the video above to get all the advice she wishes she could share with her younger self. Consider it the next best thing to a crystal ball.

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