If Brain Fog Has Taken Over, These Are the 10 Life-Hack Buys To Snag on Prime Day

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Reporting live from a year and half into the pandemic, I almost couldn't write this piece because I couldn't find where I'd stashed my laptop cord the night before. If you, too, are dealing with bouts of brain fog and where-did-I-put-that woes, Prime Day is here and the life-hack items will save us all.

"We’re all experiencing ongoing, chronic stress as a result of threats to our physical well-being, profound disruption and changes in our daily habits as a result of sheltering at home,” neuroscientist Nan Wise, PhD previously told Well+Good. The reason, she says, is that the body produces additional cortisol—known as the stress hormone—in response to all of the hectic things going on around us. Our bodies respond to cortisol with wide-ranging results, such as forgetfulness and anxiety. To help ease some of the life stressors and streamline your day-to-day lives, check out the Prime Day life hack picks below.

Shop these productivity buys

Tile Mate — $20.00

The number-one time suck in my life is looking for my lost Apple Remote, cell phone, smart watch, keys, laptop charger, etc. Clearly, I need these. You pop them onto certain items that you regularly lose and then with the app on your phone, you can ping them to find where they are. They’re on sale today for Prime Day, down from $25 to $20, if you’re buying one (2-packs and 4-packs are also on sale, and if you’re anything like me, you may want to invest in a bigger bundle).

Oukafen Solar Charger — $19.00

I cannot have nice things because I forget to charge them. Usually, five second before I run out the door, I somehow remember that I even forgot to charge my charger. This solar charger seems to solve this thanks to the fact that it gets its own juice from the sun, then uses it to power up all of your other electronics. It has both USB and mini USB ports which means it’ll jive with everything from your phone to your Kindle, as well as a clip to attach to your bag. It’s not super good-looking or anything, but its function far outweighs its form.

Tesvor Robot Vacuum Cleaner — $265.00

Down $134 bucks for Prime Day, if you also frequently “forget” to vacuum, this buy is kind of a no-brainer because you just don’t have to think about it anymore. Simply use the app to schedule daily cleanings, and let this handy little robot do the rest.

Todi Video Conference Lighting Kit — $16.00

Apparently no one is sleeping in the pandemic, because of all that aforementioned stress and cortisol that’s bubbling below the surface. If you’re someone who’s working from home, consider investing in this $16 lighting option, which will no doubt keep you looking and feeling super fresh every morning for that 9 a.m. meeting (whether or not you just rolled out of bed). The extra sleep can only help with brain fog, no?

Jall Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock — $40.00

Speaking of sleep, when we wake during points of deep sleep, we’re more likely to feel tired and groggy. This rise-with-the-sun alarm clock, helps to gently coax you from dreamland to reality so that you arise fresh and ready to tackle your day. You’ll get $20 off its normal price if you buy today.

Shazo Set of 56 Pc Food Storage Containers — $59.00

Opening up my cabinet these days feels like reaching into a dark, blank void that is as deep as the universe. If I reach my arm back far enough, maybe the spaghetti will appear, but maybe it will not. It makes grocery shopping kinda tough, because inevitably I get to the store and can’t remember which supplies I have and which I don’t. A set of organizing containers like this one will help you know with certainty. At present, you can get ’em for 41 percent off.

Garlic Press Rocker — $8.00

Who amongst us isn’t completely perplexed by the idea of mincing garlic? This seems like it would help… and it’s over half off so 50/50.

Niutop 26 Colors Acrylic Paint Pens — $14.00

All of these problems I have could probably be solved by bullet journaling.

NAZZO Mini Magnets — $15.00

These super-strong magnets seem like a good way to pin up reminders that you need to do things. Also: Impress your friends by how many tools they can hold, I guess?

Amazon Halo Band — $69.00

Nothing says 2021 like a band strapped to your wrist that monitors your every move… and analyzes it… and helps you make decisions about your life accordingly. With Amazon Prime, this band is discounted $30. It might be a good idea to invest in it if you constantly find yourself wondering how well your body is performing so you can know when to push yourself and when to ease up.

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