A National Gym Chain Is Turning Off the News to Make Your Sweat Sesh More Mindful

Photo: Stocksy/Sean-Locke
The news of late—whether it's about politics, national disasters, social justice, or anything else—has led many folks to experience an uptick in stress and anxiety, the effects of which may even be contributing to your struggle to sleep at night. Unfortunately it's nearly impossible to escape the constant deluge, which is why one gym chain is banning cable television news.

Tired of walking into the gym and instantly seeing President Trump's latest tweet flash across a screen tuned to a news station? The New York Times reports the Minnesota-based fitness chain Life Time Fitness is doing away with the viewing material on its large screens entirely. The company reportedly finds it nearly impossible to work on your health and well-being when you're surrounded by negativity. Now anyone who uses a Life Time facility can attempt to escape one of life's biggest stressors while they're working out. (That is, as long as they turn off their push alerts and avoid Twitter at. all. times.)

"The decision to remove the national cable network news stations results from significant member feedback received over time and our commitment to provide family-oriented environments free of consistently negative or politically charged content," the company wrote in a statement on Twitter. "It always is our goal to meet the majority of members' expressed requests and we believe this change is consistent with the desires of overall membership as well as our healthy way of life philosophy."

Seeing something negative on the news definitely has the power to instantly turn your good mood into a bad one, so a sacred space to exercise is a welcome notion for many. And you don't have to be a Life Time Fitness member to reap the benefits, either. Put your blinders on at your own gym: Avoid the news and put down your phone.

If you want to catch up on current events once you're finished with your sweat sesh (fine, it's not the worst idea to stay informed), go for it. But at least you'll have had an hour or so of Zen before diving back into the craziness. And that can only be good for you.

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