Cosmically, Today Is *Super* Lucky, Thanks to the Arrival of the Lion’s Gate Portal

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Whatever your views are on luck, there’s no denying that some days feel more auspicious than others. In the realm of astrology, that’s especially true of August 8 (8/8), which heralds the arrival of the lion’s gate portal. Not only is this one of the luckiest days of the year, cosmically speaking, but also, it supercharges our intentions by opening up exciting opportunities. If ever there was a time to take a leap of faith or snag a lottery ticket, it’s when the stars align on 8/8.

The lion’s gate portal arrives each year on 8/8 during Leo season when the Earth, the Orion constellation, and Sirius—which is the brightest star visible from Earth—move into alignment with one another. From an astrology perspective, this mystical portal is the ideal moment to manifest your dreams and wishes as it’s synonymous with abundance and prosperity.

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Why is the lion’s gate portal thought to be so lucky?

For centuries, the time around August 8 (when Sirius connects with the sun) has held strong significance. “The Egyptians believed that when Sirius rose in the sky, the Nile would soon flood,” says numerologist Erin River Sunday, lead astrologer for Birthdate Co. Similar to the fruitful harvest they’d sow from the influx of nutrients in the soil, “[the lion’s gate portal] creates a fertile period for manifestation work and eventually reaping the rewards of seeds planted,” says Sunday.

The repetition of the number eight in the date 8/8 also holds prosperous energy. In Chinese culture, eight is considered a symbol of prosperity; indeed, the word for “eight” in Cantonese sounds very similar to the word for “prosperous” or “wealthy.” And the number eight also holds particular value in Buddhism: There are eight symbols of Buddha and eight spokes on the wheel of Dharma, which represents the noble eightfold path, a route toward the end of suffering.

“The number eight in numerology is often associated with balance, karma, strength, and wealth.” —Johanna Aúgusta, numerologist

In numerology, the number eight is all about success, says numerologist Johanna Aúgusta. “It’s often associated with balance, karma, strength, and wealth,” she says, likening eight to an infinity symbol if turned on its side. “It's a never-ending flow, much like the give and take of the universe. What we put into the world, we receive back,” she adds. When eight is repeated—like it is on the date 8/8—its fortune intensifies, according to Aúgusta.

What is the lucky effect of the lion’s gate portal?

On 8/8, the cosmic alignment opens us up to exciting opportunities. In particular, Aúgusta says that this special celestial rendezvous can align us with our soul purpose. “The star Sirius is often linked to new beginnings, higher insights, and spiritual awakening,” she says. Because this energy connects us more directly to the higher powers of the universe, we can also better access our hopes and dreams. That’s all to say: The lion’s gate portal reflects a prime moment for vision-boarding, setting intentions, scripting, and reciting manifestation mantras.

In some ways, luck could land in your lap on 8/8. The divine cosmic union heightens our spiritual awareness, so be on the lookout for angel numbers (aka recurring sequences of numbers thought to carry spiritual significance) and serendipitous meet-cutes or kismet occurrences.

In other ways, however, the lucky day is much like any other fortuitous day in astrology—in that it’s really what you make of it. “There are many ways to tap into the lion’s gate portal energy, but first and foremost, you should always follow your intuition,” says Sunday.

“Tapping into how you want to feel—through journaling, meditating, dancing, and so on—versus what you want to ‘get’ is the most effective way to manifest.” —Erin River Sunday, astrologer and numerologist

As the alignment occurs with the sun shining bright in Leo, that might look like embracing Leo energy. It’s an opportunity to connect with our heart space (remember: Leo is the sign that rules over the heart). “Tapping into how you want to feel—through journaling, meditating, dancing, and so on—versus what you want to ‘get’ is the most effective way to manifest,” says Sunday.

The lion’s gate portal in 2023 offers us a unique opportunity to manifest abundance, not just spiritually but materially, too. That’s because the moon is in Taurus during the alignment this year, where it’s “exalted” or most comfortable, says Sunday. That makes for an extra dose of auspicious energy when it comes to Taurean themes like luxury, sensuality, and practicality.

In turn, this is a chance to focus on the material wealth you want to bring into your life (no dream is too lavish, by the way). And with love and beauty planet Venus also present in Leo during the lion’s gate portal, “this transit signifies synchronicities around our personal, tangible values being of extreme importance over the coming six months,” says Sunday.

As such, the lion’s gate portal is especially ripe for opportunity and abundance this year. The magic of this cosmic alignment will help us to bridge our material world and desires with the divine energy of the universe—which means getting out there and opening yourself up to the opportunities that await.

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