The Lion’s Gate Portal Opens With the New Moon in Leo, Bringing Abundance—Here’s What Your Sign Can Expect

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The upcoming new moon on August 8th, 2021 at 9:49 a.m., ET, occurs in the bold fire sign of Leo, which represents self-expression, creation, and rules over the heart. What makes this new moon particularly notable is that it’s also called the lion’s gate portal, which happens every year around August 8th, when the Earth makes a special alignment with the fixed star Sirius, shifting creation-oriented energy. Leo is known for its regal nature and heartfelt bravery, and coupled with Sirius—known to bring abundance and harvest—this energy presents a powerful moment to upgrade your reality.

Long-term projects, ideas, relationships, and major endeavors can now start to bear fruit and lead us towards a more authentic reality. The key to embracing this time and manifesting what’s in your heart is to have faith in your truth and release the attachment to how life should versus how it makes you feel.

Along with the lion's gate portal, the new moon in Leo will form a tense connection with erratic Uranus in Taurus and is also opposite Saturn in Aquarius retrograde. Uranus in Taurus has been shifting our collective values through sudden events, and Saturn in Aquarius has been imposing restrictions on the collective to push innovation and growth (since it started it’s retrograde cycle in May, some of this limitation has relaxed, though). This cosmic energy is now driving sudden decisions based on individual authenticity rather than what's merely the status quo. New agreements, or the need to speak from the heart on what we value, are also in order. The planet of communication Mercury, will be in Leo, bringing forth this important and transformative communication.

This Leo new moon, in conjunction with the lion's gate portal, is also a time of energetic healing and the manifestation of abundance.

This Leo new moon, in conjunction with the lion's gate portal, is also a time of energetic healing and the manifestation of abundance. The sun and moon will form a soothing connection with wounded warrior Chiron in Aries retrograde and also Jupiter in Aquarius retrograde. Transiting Chiron is unlocking and healing wounds blocking individuality, while Jupiter retrograde is encouraging positive growth from this internal work. Together, these energies represent a collective focus for healing and bringing forth the gift of abundance as a result of this internal growth.

This particular new moon is a fantastic time to plant seeds, start an endeavor, or adopt a fresh perspective. Below, learn how it and the lion's gate portal may affect your sign, plus, get a tip for the best way to empower your manifestations and set new intentions. For a more holistic view of the month ahead, read your sun, moon, and rising signs.

What the new moon in Leo happening during the lion's gate portal means for your sign.


Fun, enjoyment, and self-expression are on deck for you, Aries. If you have been working on a long-term project or creative endeavor, you can now experience sudden forward movement in this area of your life. This is also a powerful time for dating, as you can connect with someone and have a great time doing so. If you're already attached, more of a focus on joy and happiness is in store for you. If not, you may feel pushed to make a change. A focus on fertility matters can also be in store for some.

Your new moon manifestation tip: Your inner child is a powerful resource for creativity. When we are born, we can feel the drive to freely express who we are until an outside source or trauma dims our light. During the new moon, take time to write a healing letter to your five year old self. In it you can release and heal what held you back from fully being in your self-expression. Do a meditation after and visually send love to your five year old self.


Your home base, family, and career are highlighted at this time. Powerful shifts are occurring for you in these areas, and they are meant to align you with your highest potential. If you have been in a life path that is emotionally unsatisfying, you can receive the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Similarly in terms of your home and where you live, you can move towards a space that brings you contentment and comfort. Sudden changes are challenging, but have trust and faith in the universe!

Your new moon manifestation tip: Nature is a powerful force for Taureans. Take time to go out to the forest, park, or beach for a quiet meditation. Use visualization of your desired future during your meditation, and evoke the feelings of being in that reality right now. If you’d also like to journal your intentions in present tense after, this can lock in your manifestation power even more.


Your superpower as a master communicator will be highlighted at the lion's gate portal time and new moon in Leo. If you work in marketing, writing, or a creative field, a pivotal new project or idea can develop for you. This can be something extremely creative or out of the ordinary for you. Embrace the new! Another way this can manifest is healing surrounding ways in which you hold yourself back from your true expression. It’s time to shine.

Your new moon manifestation tip: Setting intentions through scripting (writing) is a powerful way to plant new seeds during a new moon. Take a piece of paper and a green pen. You can also light an abundance candle of your choice during the ritual. Write in first-person what you want to bring in and what truly aligns with your spirit. After, fold the paper in half and roll it towards you. Allow the candle to burn down and sleep with the paper under your pillow.


Moon cycles affect you the most on a regular basis, as the moon is the ruler of your sign. Money and finances are changing in a major way for you, as the new moon is activating this area of your life. A new influx of clients, shift in salary, or receiving money you’ve been waiting on can all manifest for you. This is what you deserve after a period of career hurdles, pushing you to embrace your natural leadership abilities. It’s a good time to come out of your shell, Crab, and receive the rewards for your hard work.

Your new moon manifestation tip: Words are spells and affirmations are a powerful way to improve your finances. This is simply affirming wealth and abundance. On paper with a green pen, write down eight first-person statements like, "Money flows easily to me," "all of my debts are paid," and "I am never without an abundance of available cash." Write the set of statements again eight times. Read them to yourself every morning for 21 days, and you will see a difference.


This is a pivotal time for you, as the new moon is in your sign, dear Lion. Expect shifts in who you are and what you need in order to feel fulfilled, in both business and personal relationships. On the romantic front, if you're single, an authentic relationship could develop and deepen for you. Another way this new-moon energy can manifest is a fresh start in important business relationships. This year has been a journey of self-discovery and identifying what you need in a partnership. Now the universe can deliver!

Your new moon manifestation tip: Make a list of what you need in either a love of work relationship. When we identify what we need with the universe it's easier to receive.


The new moon is activating your subconscious mind and encouraging you to break out of the creative limitations you set on yourself. (As the most detail-oriented sign of the zodiac, you also can get in your own way.) The cosmos are encouraging you to break through this and express yourself in a more authentic way in your day-to-day life and what you do for a living. If you have delayed making changes or sharing your vision with others, this is now changing. Expect creative growth and personal expansion during this new moon.

Your new moon manifestation tip: A vision board is a powerful manifestation tool that can also help you push past creative limitations. Using a poster, create a collage of new moon intentions from magazine cutouts or online printouts, and designate where you’d like your energy to go. Hang this in a very visible place in your home to watch the magic unfold.


This is a powerful lunation for making your long-term dreams come true. A new opportunity from social media or your network can develop that is in alignment with the future you desire. If you have been working on securing an investment, you also can start to see a forward movement in this area of your life. This is also a reparative time for your relationships—business or personal—if you have been enduring power struggles in this area of life. For some Libras, fertility matters can also come into view.

Your new moon manifestation tip: Breathwork can be a powerful way for you to relieve the stress surrounding life changes and reconnect with your physical body. Choose your favorite practitioner or breath program, and tap into the power. To make this even more potent, start to visualize your goals coming to fruition during the session.


Your life path and career is getting a major makeover, Scorpio. The new moon is activating this area of life and pushing you to be more in your creative truth. Typically, you are a sign that loves to be behind the scenes, but now you can feel the motivation to truly be in the spotlight. This could be through a complete change in career or the decision to finally express yourself through your work. Don’t be afraid—it’s time to step into your truth and allow that to shine to the world!

Your new moon manifestation tip: This is a powerful day for you to release creative restriction and do something out of your comfort zone. Indulge in finger painting, going on a local adventure, or posting some work publicly on social media. Taking action like this is spiritual alchemy and can help you energetically release fear surrounding your true self-expression.


Get ready for an expansion of your horizons. As a sign that naturally seeks higher-knowledge and expands your consciousness through experience, this new moon is empowering that area of your life. This is a time when you could go back to school, seek a certification, or share your wisdom with others on a broader scale. For some Sagittarians, the coveted opportunity to travel or work with contacts internationally can also develop for you. Embrace this moment of growth.

Your new moon manifestation tip: Sagittarius can have the tendency to think of the bigger picture but lose interest in the details. Scripting is a powerful tool to accurately identify your future idea in order for the universe to deliver. Take time during the new moon to set intentions by writing down your big ideas in first-person.


Shared resources and finances are in the energetic spotlight for you, and the new moon is bringing change to your money in a major way. The area of life this is occurring rules over debts, loans, shared finances in a marriage, and other people’s money. If you have been waiting on funds or putting in a lot of work, the universe can bring past opportunities back for you to reap the rewards and bear the fruits of your labor. For some Capricorns, this growth could also be experienced through a marriage partner’s new gains.

Your new moon manifestation tip: This is the perfect new moon to take a break and release energy. You may be feeling hyper-focused on finances, and all this does is energetically push abundance away. Release inner tension through movement, with a practice like stretching, walking, or yoga. When we step away from situations, we can allow the universe to do the work for us through serendipity.


After a year of intense personal growth and change, the new moon is now presenting opportunities to be in more aligned relationships, surrounding business and personal unions alike. Once you shift as a person, the universe presents more aligned opportunities. New work contracts, agreements or a viable long-term partner can come into view for you. Shifts surrounding a new home in a better environment can develop for some Aquarius, too.

Your new moon manifestation tip: Creating a love list is a powerful way to lock in what you need in a partnership. A pink candle, pen and paper is perfect for this. During the new moon, light the candle and meditate on this area of your life. Afterward, write down what comes up for you in the first person as your love intentions. Fold the paper in half towards you. Then you can roll towards you and sleep with this under your pillow.


Your routine, work, health and well-being are undergoing a much needed overhaul, Pisces. The new moon is encouraging you to put the fun and enjoyment back into your day-to-day work life, if this has not been your reality. You may have had goals, visions, and dreams you have privately been working on that now you feel the motivation to move forward with. It’s time to come out of your comfort zone and express yourself in the most authentic way.

Your new moon manifestation tip: Meditation is a powerful tool for you. Take time during the new moon to quiet your mind, and your energy with a session or practitioner of your choice. This allows you to reconnect with your emotional body, especially as an intuitive water sign. After, you’re welcome to journal what comes up for you. Make a list of what in your life feels authentic and what doesn’t to give you an idea of what to change.

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