Popsicle-Stained Lips Are Here to Usher in Your Summer Look

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Photo: Stocksy/Good Vibrations Images

The easy-going vibes that summer brings—beachy hair, simple sundresses, and slip-on shoes—extend all the way to your makeup bag. Because nothing says summer quite like lip stain that looks like you just polished off a popsicle. It's great news because the laid-back vibes also translate to laid back effort and that means major time saved in your getting-ready routine.

Lip stains are easy to apply and last hours, making them a win not only in the time it will take you to get ready, but also throughout the day as you need less touch-ups and makeup checks. “I always reach for a lip stain when I need my color to last in meetings or date nights,” says Amanda Jo, creator of The Organic Bunny. In other words: Give your stain a check post-3 p.m. matcha and it'll likely still be around.

Plus, they're buildable. With a few layers you can amp them up or sheer them down, but regardless, they'll feel lightweight. “Stains are ideal for those that do not like the heavy feel of products on their lips,” Jo says. “They’re also great for those that seek a longer lasting, more matte finish from their lip products. You don’t have to worry about the hydrating products smearing or drying out.” Pair with glowy skin, and rock on until Labor Day.

Scroll down for low-maintenance lip stains for subtle color that will stay on all day—through your 8 p.m. dinner date.

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