This Sheer Black Lipstick Can Transform *Any* Shade Into the Perfect Wintery Hue

Graphic: Well+Good Creative
I know I promised to tone it down with fancy goth sh--t after I asked for that velvet Victorian mourning hat for Christmas in 2018, that deluxe Cure double record in 2016, and like...17 years' worth of Nightmare Before Christmas merch before that. But, dear Santa, please believe me when I say that I absolutely need the Lipstick Queen Black Lace Rabbit ($24) lipstick, or I will never be the exquisite midnight princess that I am meant to be.

Black Lace Rabbit isn't just the chicest name for a tube of lipstick ever. It's a sheer black color with gold—gold!—sparkly flecks in it, which evokes a serious Stevie Nicks aesthetic, first of all. Worn solo, if you dare to be so bold, the hue makes your lips look as though they're wearing black nylon stockings. Sure, not everyone can be convinced of the idea that a smoky gray-pink pout is chic, but to each their own.

But what makes the Black Lace Rabbit shade particularly special is its transformative powers against any lipstick. This shade is actually meant for layering—so, as the temperatures drop and that reddish-coral you got for the summer looks clownish against your winter pallor, a swipe of Black Lace Rabbit morphs it into a deep berry hue that'll be a big hit at your next holiday party. Santa, you know how very important it is to really Show Up to a holiday party. You want to have options.

Really, this multitasking lipstick gives you color options without adding to an already overstuffed makeup bag. I don't mean to take a serious turn, but the holiday season is about thinking about those less fortunate, you know? So please, consider the lipsticks that are buried at the bottom of my purse. Black Lace Rabbit gives forgotten shades a hip afterlife, while proving that you don't really need a million lipsticks going forward—just one truly excellent color-changing one.

Santa, I know you're probably tired of gifting me eccentric goth trinkets, especially when I barely scrape by the nice list every year. But sometimes, a gift is not merely a gift—it is a life-altering, lip-plumping magic wand that casts a sexy veil over your pout with the power of silky smooth shea butter, vitamin E, and black soybean on top of providing cool pigment. And what else would make the season so bright? (Er...dark?) This is why I want a Black Lace Rabbit lipstick under my tree this year, but cash or check works fine too.

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