PSA: You Need to Know This Hydration Solution

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Raise your hand if (too often) you get to 6 p.m. and realize you’re embarrassingly under your water-drinking goal for the day.

If you’re raising your hand, you’re *so* not alone. Three in four people in the U.S. struggle with chronic dehydration—which is why Liquid I.V. came up with a genius way to make staying hydrated way less of a chore.

Thanks to some breakthrough science, Liquid I.V. delivers three times as much hydration as water alone (AKA, one bottle of Liquid I.V.-infused water equals three bottles of regular H2O).

Just mix the packet (which comes in refreshing flavors like acai berry and lemon lime) into water post-sweat sesh, mid-flight to ward off jet lag, or any time you need to to load up on electrolytes—without any artificial sweeteners or colors that come in typical sports drinks.

Ready to try it for yourself? Snag 20 percent off with code WELL20! Stay hydrated with this supercharged electrolyte drink mix.

In partnership with Liquid I.V.

Photo: Liquid I.V.

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