This Do-It-All Color-Correcting Makeup Stick Has a 10,000 Person Wait List

Gone are the days of toting around five pound makeup bags stuffed to the gills with products. These days, streamlining our routines is the name of the game, and there are plenty of multipurpose products out there to make things simpler than ever. One of the best-of-the-best? Live Tinted's do-it-all Huesticks ($24), which are so beloved they had 10,000 people excitedly awaiting their restock this week.

The sticks, which were created by beauty entrepreneur and influencer Deepica Mutyala, go above and beyond your usual double-duty lipstick and blush stick. In addition to adding some oomph to your lips and cheeks, they also act as color correctors to help do away with dark circles and discoloration.

So how do they work? Since skin discoloration tends to have either blue or purple tones, using a product with a shade from the opposite side of the color wheel can help even things out. According to pros, rosy-toned correctors can help balance blue and purple tones in lighter skin, while orange-red ones are best for darker complexions.

Photo: Live Tinted

Live Tinted Huestick, $24 each

Using this logic, Live Tinted created five color-correcting sticks (three of which are meant to help even skin tones, while two are meant to be a perfect accent for lids and lips). To find your best match visit the Live Tinted website, where there's a color wheel that helps you to identify the shade of hyperpigmentation on your skin, and gives you the corresponding Huestick shade that most seamlessly color correct it.

The Huesticks are made with hyaluronic acid, squalane and vitamins C and E, which not only makes them hydrating for skin, but also means that they won't crease after a long day of wear. I've been using Free, Rise, and Found on my own complexion, and can honestly say that they're one of the few things making me look presentable on my morning Zoom calls and video chat dates.

In order to get the most out of your do-it-all Huestick, you'll want to be sure to apply them properly. Use your finger to warm up the product and make it more blendable. Buff it out along any discoloration, and follow up with some sort of a complexion product like a concealer, BB or CC cream, or foundation. To use the the stick as a blush, lipstick, or eyeshadow, simply dab it on the areas you want to amp up with color and blend with fingertips, no schlepping of a five-pound makeup bag required.

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