This Easy-To-Follow Gut Reset Program Offers a Month’s Worth of Tips for Better Digestion

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As August (...and March, April, May, June, and July) demonstrated in spades, a lot can happen in a month. That's why Livestrong's 30-Day Gut-Health Reset wants you to take the month of September to zero in on your digestive health and see the major health moves you can make in just a handful of weeks. And hey! Today is September 1—so you can consider right now your starting line.

Imbued with the guidance of Vincent Pedre, MD, author of Happy GutLivestrong's challenge unravels the complicated topic that is gut health and uncovers what it can feel like when your whole body is in sync. "The goal of this five-week plan is to get you on the path to optimal gut health—even if you don't have any GI distress," says Livestrong. Week one will hook you up with a gut health tracker to help you do a systems check. Week two will guide you through slashing certain foods and behaviors that could be disrupting healthy gut processes. Week three will help you add the nutrients your gut loves, while weeks four and five will help you focus on eating mindfully and fine-tune all your newfound knowledge you received from your GI crash course.

If you're wondering why boosting your gut health is worth your while, Livestrong wants you to consider that how your GI tract (that's your mouth, esophagus, stomach, and small and large intestines) functions informs how well the rest of your body will work. "The gut is a foundation of health," says Dr. Pedre. Your gut plays a part in how strong your immune system is, how well you feel mentally, and yeah—what happens in the bathroom.

This week's gut curriculum will teach you about the different types of stool (there are seven!), teach you how to track your bowel movements, and run a diagnostic to see if you're consuming your own fiber sweet spot each day (the recommendation is 25 grams). Water is also a key ingredient in helping your belly live its very best life, so this next week will be all about drinking your 11 to 15 cups per day and cutting up super-hydrating slices of watermelon, cantaloupe, and strawberries.

If you're ready to start your gut check, go ahead and check out the full challenge.

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