The 5 Things Lo Bosworth Always Keeps in Her Fridge

Photo: Instagram/@lobosworth
Imagine the ultimate reality TV reunion in which Lauren Conrad designs the wardrobe, Whitney Port locks down the décor (and helps keep the drama at bay), Lo Bosworth makes the food, and Spencer Pratt shows up with his epic crystal collection.

Okay, so the Laguna Beach and The Hills casts might never actually make this happen IRL, but if they did, it's safe to assume Bosworth, a culinary school grad, would definitely be down to do the catering.

The California native's come a long way since her LC-sidekick days: In addition to her new-found chef skills, she's now a best-selling author, podcast host, mental health advocate, and creator of an entire lifestyle brand for your lady parts—so basically obsessed with all things health, wellness, and fitness. That includes keeping her fridge fully stocked with nutritious options at all times.

"I use cauliflower as a gluten substitute."

In an interview with Refinery 29, Bosworth shared the five items she regularly stocks—and they're all, unsurprisingly, good for you.

"I always have whole Greek yogurt—I use that as a sour cream substitute all the time," she says. "I always have a lot of fresh herbs that are sitting in water to keep their freshness [and] chopped green onions ready to go because I like to add them into everything. I cook primarily with ghee instead of with a lot of different kinds of oils."

She also admits to being all-in on the cauliflower trend: "I use [it] as a gluten substitute. It's a great way to avoid things that are made from flour so that people who are intolerant can always come and eat at my house quite happily."

As for whether Bosworth would be willing to make a cauli-crust pizza for Speidi? Stay tuned.

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