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Enjoy Your Essential Oils Without a Bulky Diffuser Using This Scent Pebble

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Scent can totally transform how your space feels. Every time I run my diffuser, I feel an instant shift in my mood. Especially when I play around with different scents to tailor a smell to fit the vibe I'm trying to set.  But, I do this far less often than I'd like because running a diffuser is kind of annoying. While filling it with water isn't back-breaking work, it's still an added step. The Lohn Essential Oil Scent Pebble takes the hassle out of diffusing.

Victoria Mierzwa, co-founder of Lohn, shares that the idea for the pebble came after she began taking ceramics courses and learned that after ceramic is fired for the first time in the kiln, it's quite porous.

"We had the idea to create something that had more of an organic shape that you could use to pair with the essential oil," says Mierzwa. "And we knew that because [ceramic] is a porous material if you apply the essential oils to this material it'll absorb and then over time start to evaporate naturally."

Lohn Essential Oil Scent Pebble, $15.44

To use it, simply place five to 10 drops of essential oil and let the pebble do its thing. Wash by hand with soapy water to keep it clean between uses. They are handmade in Toronto, Ontario by Mierzwa's ceramics teacher. And because a pebble is so small and cordless, you can bring it anywhere.

"It's very portable. It's sold with a small cloth bag so you can pack it up and take it wherever you go, if you're going anywhere," says Mierzwa. "But it's also a nice piece to sort of bring with you throughout your space. So you could put it on your nightstand, in your kitchen, in your bathroom—really wherever you need it most. And it's just so easy to use."

You can use it with the essential oils you already have, or grab some of the blends from Lohn. Shop the Lohn pebble and essential oils below.

Shop the Lohn essential oils to pair with the scent pebble below

1. Lohn Nord Essential Oil Blend, $19.50

Feel energized, awakened, and inspired by this outdoorsy blend of balsam fir, black spruce, cedar leaf, pine needle, and fennel essential oils.

2. Lohn Este Essential Oil Blend, $19.50

This calming and refreshing blend will help you discover your inner flower child. with this refreshing blend. It's a blend of chamomile, grapefruit, lavender, patchouli, and petitgrain essential oils.

3. Lohn Sur Essential Oil Blend, $19.50

Soothe your senses with this cozy blend of cedarwood, frankincense, palmarosa, tangerine, and ylang-ylang essential oils.

4. Lohn Oest Essential Oil Blend, $19.58

Unwind with this dreamy blend of bergamot, black pepper, clary sage, rosemary, and vetiver essential oils.

Craving more aromatherapy? Learn how to make your own mood-boosting mix:

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