Lola’s New Sex Line Wants Women to Be Carefree *and* Chemical-Free Between the Sheets

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Lola has already turned tampons into something you proudly display on your bathroom counter (or shelfie) and feel good about using for your body. And now the company's focus is expanding: It wants to tackle your sex life, too.

The just-launched Sex by Lola line includes natural products made with women in mind: ultra-thin rubber-latex condoms, natural cleansing wipes (both $10 for a 12-count box), and a water-based personal lubricant ($13 for 1.7 ounces). The condoms are lubricated with locally sourced, medical-grade silicone oil and are free of parabens and synthetic colorants and flavors. The personal lube—which is free of petrochemicals, AKA isolated chemicals derived from petroleum or natural gas—mimics natural moisture. It uses a hypoallergenic formula with organic aloe-leaf juice and features a "unique one-click pump and lock system that makes it mess-free and easy to use without disrupting the moment," says Lola co-founder Jordana Kier. And the individually packaged biodegradable wipes—which are made with bamboo and purified water—are designed to cleanse and maintain a healthy vaginal pH balance.

"Until now, our only options have been products aggressively marketed toward men and their desires. What about our needs, as women?" —Alex Friedman, Lola co-founder

"Until now, our only options have been products aggressively marketed toward men and their desires. What about our needs, as women?" Lola co-founder Alex Friedman told me. "That's why we’ve created a line of sexual-health products designed first and foremost for women. Our products are stripped of unnecessary, irritating additives and deliver the sensation and reliability women expect and deserve."

So, how exactly is this line different from the male-focused sexual-health products currently found on store shelves? It's not just about how the items are made—it's also about the experience you have when you use them.

"We found that many personal lubricants on the market weren't tested for vaginal pH or skin sensitivities and that existing feminine wipes were filled with fragrances and other irritating substances that throw off vaginal pH," says Friedman. "People deserve to know what’s going on and inside their bodies and should be empowered to make informed decisions in their sex lives."

With the more female-focused door to sex products kicked open, Kier hopes more candid conversations about all experiences women have—such as periods and reproductive issues—will follow suit. "We want women to know that no question is too embarrassing or too personal. We’re here to provide the products and resources women deserve when it comes to their sex lives and beyond," she says.

And let's not forget about the design factor: These products have a clean, minimalist look that just might earn your condoms and lube a spot on your dreamy nightstand next to your crystals and diffuser.

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