The Best Way To Spend Extra Time on a Long Weekend, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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The break from work and potential discretionary time that a long weekend allows for is a beautiful thing. But there are any number of ways you might spend that time, and depending on your personality and preferences, certain things might better fill your cup than others. For instance, if you skew introverted, you might not feel extra rested and rejuvenated if you dedicate your extra day to hosting a party. To help you pinpoint the most cosmically-aligned way to spend the time, though, consider an astrologer's advice for how each zodiac sign can best spend a long weekend.

On a long weekend—particularly this upcoming weekend, which is three days for people whose jobs observe President's Day—the name of the game for each zodiac sign is self care. More specifically, it's self care dedicated to doing activities you enjoy and spending time with people who make you feel good.

"If you have an extra day off, think about what things you can do that make you feel good on the inside." —Maria Sofia Marmanides, astrologer

This weekend, Venus is in Pisces, and according to astrologer Maria Sofia Marmanides, this placement is its "absolute favorite sign to be in." Venus is the planet of love, but it's about more than just romance: It encompasses love and beauty in all forms, which extends to how we love ourselves and the people around us, and what we do to nourish that. "If you have an extra day off, think about what things you can do that make you feel good on the inside, because Venus is all about adding a little bit of extra pleasure to our days," says Marmanides.

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Monday, February 20, which is the upcoming date a number of folks might have off work, is interesting astrologically in its own right. There's a new moon in Pisces, and Venus enters Aries. According to Alexandria Lettman, astrologer and founder of spiritual-wellness platform Jupiter Jewel, "the energy is very much geared toward making time to have fun, be creative and be adventurous," she says. "Generally for everybody, it’s a very positive, optimistic, and passionate energy.”

So, how can you maximize the energy of this fun-loving, self-loving weekend? Marmanides suggests optimizing your day with your Venus sign in mind, as its energy corresponds with self love and self care. Lettman suggests reading for your sun or rising sign. For the most holistic view of options you might consider for your long weekend, though, read for all three. (Don't know your birth chart by heart? Plug your birth date, time, and location into a free birth chart generator, like this one.) Read on for how each zodiac sign should spend the extra day of this long weekend.

The best way for each zodiac sign to spend extra time on a long weekend, according to astrologers


The symbol for the aries zodiac sign, which resembles a ram.

For this fiery sign, Lettman suggests spending the extra day resting and recharging their batteries, which could include catching up on sleep. Their loved ones may also pay closer attention to them, so Aries should be ready for that, too. “They won’t have to be the ones initiating something, so they should just let people come to them,” she says.


Taurus would be wise to spend the extra day with friends, because Venus is in their 12th house, which focuses on social groups. “Taurus should definitely not spend this one alone,” Marmanides says. Connect with others, whether it’s through a planned dinner or brunch or just meeting up for a walk or a coffee; it’s also a great time to reach out to a friend you haven’t seen or heard from in a while.


Geminis, ever the multitaskers, can spend their extra day productively, but not doing tasks that are obligations. Instead, use the day to further a passion, Lettman says. “They just are full of ideas about new goals that they can strive toward, and they're implementing their ideas,” she says.


According to Lettman, this is a very “free-spirited day” for Cancer, and they should do whatever they feel like doing when they wake up that morning. One cosmically aligned way for them to spend the day would be to start a new book, “whether it’s getting lost in a story or reading something from a self-help perspective to make them feel wiser,” she says.


The extra day off is a golden opportunity for Leos to stray from their routines and do something fun and adventurous. “Go to a new neighborhood in your city or a nearby town, or go on a road trip,” Lettman suggests.


For Virgo, this extra day is one for love, passion, and romance. Paired Virgos should spend time with their S.O. by planning a date night either at home or out; they could even plan a romantic weekend getaway. Because Venus is transiting the sign's seventh house, Marmanides says single Virgos should consider joining a dating app, connecting with a matchmaker, or telling friends that they're on the market.


It’s time for Libra to run errands and catch up on their routines. “They’re going to be very motivated to tackle their to-do list, and they’re not going to feel annoyed about it,” Lettman says. Going at their own pace will bring them peace.

However, Marmanides recommends breaking up the routine a bit on this extra day. Go on a hike, try out a different coffee shop, explore a new walking route, or have lunch at a new restaurant.


Ever the competitor, Scorpios should spend the day doing something fun and competitive, like playing a sport. It's also a great time for Scorpios to tap into their creativity, which could be hands-on, like crafting, or hands-off, like heading to the movie theater.

The day's energy is lighthearted, too, and might involve kids, if you have them. If you don't, Lettman recommends an activity that "brings out the inner child's youthful and playful energy."


This is a peaceful day Sagittarius should spend meaningfully. That can mean taking time to make it a day to relax and recharge, Marmanides says. Or, Lettman says it's also a good time to date, especially if Sag is making the first move.


An extra day off is the perfect time for this ambitious sign to let loose and spend the day close to home. Lettman says Caps should stay local, whether that’s being at home or hanging around their neighborhood. Spending quality time with beloved friends and family is also on the docket. “They're most likely to spend time lazing around the house in their pajamas, and they should do that without shame,” she adds.


It’s time for Aquarius to do everything they said they’d do on their self-care to-do list that’s fallen by the wayside. For some inspo, Lettman suggests you “start the day with a face mask, do every step in the skin-care routine, do the meditation and the daily stretches.” If that’s not your self-care style, spend time at your favorite places, be that a favorite park or cafe.


It’s their season, so Pisces should treat themselves with some retail therapy and buy something they love and enjoy. They might likewise try out a new makeup or hair style. Just don’t go too overboard with spending in the name of self care. That said, Lettman says “this is the day to treat and spoil themselves and just be carefree.”

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