12 Easy Snacks That the Longest-Living People Swear By—And You Can Get Them on Amazon

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When you think of eating for longevity, chances are, you think of intricate, home-cooked Mediterranean meals or course-heavy Japanese dinners. What doesn't probably cross your mind? Snacks you can easily get on Amazon.

Turns out, you don't actually need to book that expensive flight to one of the Blue Zones—Loma Linda, California; Okinawa, Japan; Sardinia, Italiy; Ikaria, Greece; Nicoya, Costa Rice—to eat like one of the longest living people in the world. Nope. You can actually munch like a centenarian with just a few adds to your Amazon shopping cart, many of which will get delivered to your door in two days or less with Amazon Prime.

Crunchy black bean chips, heart-healthy dark chocolate, tangy dried cherries—whatever you crave, there's a longevity snack that's just a click away. Satiate your sweet/savory/salty tooth with snacks the longest-living people in the world would definitely approve of.

12 longevity snacks you can get on Amazon


Rind, Coconut Crisps (Pack of 3) — $15.00

Want a sweeter alternative to salt n’ vinegar chips or chocolate crisps? Eat like a Nicoyan and check out these coconut chips from Rind, which are made entirely from coconut (including the rind! Which is where most of the nutrition actually lives). They’re crunchy, sweet, and nutritious enough to support you for the next 100 years.

Hu Kitchen, Chocolate-Covered Almond + Sea Salt Hunks — $7.00

In places like Ikaria and Sardinia, a handful of almonds helps satiate the locals while keeping them healthy. These hunks from Hu Kitchen blend chocolate, almonds, and sea salt for sweet, salty combo that’s delicious and nutritious.

Beyond Good, Madagascar 70% Pure Dark Chocolate — $2.00

More of a classic chocolate purist? Snag a bar of pure dark chocolatey goodness from Beyond Good, which makes single origin goodies from Madagascar. Taste aside, its Fair Trade-certified and ethically sourced, making it as good on your tastebuds as it is good for the industry.


Traverse Bay Fruit Co., Dried Cherries — $22.00

Unfortunately, you can’t order Dan Buettner’s coconut cherry parfait on Amazon. But you can stock up with a four-pound pack of dried cherries, which make a great longevity snack for anyone craving something tart and tangy. Eat a fistful by themselves or sprinkle them on your own parfait—they’re scrumptious however served, though.

Stretch Island, Cherry Fruit Leather (Pack of 30) — $14.00

For an easy, grab-and-go option, throw a cherry fruit leather bar (or two) in your bag. They’re full of fiber and loaded with key vitamins, like vitamin A and C, not to mention just taste plain good. Nab a 30-pack for just $14 and give yourself a tangy pick-me-up inspired by Blue Zones.

SkinnyDipped, Lemon Bliss Yogurt Covered Almonds (Pack of 5) — $24.00

Skip the chocolate and treat your tastebuds to these zesty, yogurt dipped almonds from SkinnyDipped. They’re coated in a slightly sour lemon yogurt that makes for the perfect munch. Add on the magnesium and protein centenarians swear by from the almonds, and you’ve got yourself a snack you won’t want to share.


Wonderful Pistachios, Salted Roasted Pistachios (Pack of 9) — $11.00

According to the Blue Zones website, those who reside in Nicoya, Costa Rica prefer nibbling on pistachios over potato chips or pretzels. These bags of shelled, organic pistachios make the ideal grab-and-go snack you can take just about anywhere. They taste delicious, are loaded with fiber, and have been linked to good heart health—what’s not to love?

Biena, Sea Salt Puffs — $5.00

Fun fact: beans are a staple in just about every Blue Zone in the world. From black beans in Costa Rica, to garbanzo beans in Greece, these places love their beans, and their beans love their bodies. That’s why we love these sea salt puffs from Biena, which makes snacks out of chickpeas. They’re slightly salty but totally tasty and good for you, too.

Beanitos, Black Bean Chips (Pack of 4) — $24.00

Speaking of beans, these potato chips are made from black beans, sourced totally from American farms. Dip them in guac, scoop them in salsa, or snack on them on their own—they’re so good, and better for you than classic potato chips.


Rhythm, Kale Chips Variety Pack (Pack of 4) — $21.00

Surprise, surprise—folks who live in these longevity hot spots are reported to eat a ton of leafy greens, like spinach and kale. If you want a tastier way to eat your veggies, we recommend these kale chips, which come in a variety of flavors like zesty nacho and mango habanero. You won’t even realize you’re eating kale TBH.

The Good Bean, Chickpea Snacks — Classic Hummus (Pack of 10) — $13.00

Back to chickpeas, which are beloved by Ikarians for their protein-powered deliciousness. These roasted chickpea snacks from The Good Bean come in a classic hummus flavor and are absolutely loaded with plant-powered protein (eight grams, to be exact!) They’re vegan, non-GMO, and kosher, too.

Yammy, Dried Sweet Potato Snacks (Pack of 6) — $15.00

If you’re craving that leathery, tough chew of jerky but want to skip the meat, opt for these dried sweet potato snacks instead. In places like Okinawa, sweet potatoes reign as a dietary staple as source of fiber, vitamins, and key minerals. These strips are powered by three grams of protein, four grams of fiber, and are just downright delicious.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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