Kristen Bell Is Partnering With Lord Jones for an Affordable CBD Line Called ‘Happy Dance’

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On a recent episode of Well+Good's YouTube series The Avocado Show, the one and only Kristen Bell told us that there's not a wellness wagon she won't jump on. (The proof? "I was so into microgreens one time that my friends actually had to have an intervention," she said.) That's why we weren't at all surprised to learn that Bell partnered with CBD brand Lord Jones to create Lord Jones Happy Dance—a line of CBD skin care we can't wait to try.

According to a press release, the line of personal and skin-care products will be derived from hemp—but there's no word yet on what kind of lotions and potions Bell has up her sleeve. "I first discovered Lord Jones CBD products two years ago and have been using them ever since," said Bell. "I was skeptical at first, but was quickly blown away by the quality, integrity and consistency in all of the products. When I met Lord Jones founders Rob and Cindy, we aligned on a shared desire to make a CBD line that would be accessible to a wider audience at a lower price point while maintaining the same trusted quality as the Lord Jones brand."

Since the Lord Jones body care products will usually run you between $65 and $100, the price cut will be a relief for anyone who wants to give CBD (or cannabidiol, the non-pyschoactive compound of the cannabis plant) a shot in their beauty routine. While much of the research around CBD is fairly new, a growing body of research suggests that the topical use of CBD may help reduce inflammation, reduce pain, and even treat arthritis. Really, though, most of CBD's clout comes from anecdotal evidence, so you'll want to try it yourself or ask your friends and family to weigh in on their personal experiences with before purchasing.

If you do give it a shot, Bell hopes you use it as a small-yet-might self-care ritual. "Self-care shouldn't be an event. Self-care should consist of everyday pick-me-ups that can be integrated into one's daily routine," she said in the statement. Bells' history says she's not one to disappoint—and I'm sure we'll soon have plenty of personal care products that continue her winning streak.

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