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Watch This $10 Hair Rinse in Action As It Smooths and Shines in Just 8 Seconds

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For those of us with curly hair, blow drying your hair it is often a one-way ticket to a damage and frizz rather than smooth and stylish. As for styling it, well, you better have a ton of product on-hand, preferably one with emollients for slicking down flyaways, like coconut or Argan oil.

Lately I've been washing my hair with L'Oreal Elvive Dream Lengths 8-Second Wonder Water Rinse Out ($10), and I'm never looking back.


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L'Oreal, Elvive Dream Lengths 8-Second Wonder Water Rinse Out — $10.00

Believe the hype—this miracle rinse really does give hair a boost in eight seconds flat.

Earlier this summer, I scrolled past this drugstore miracle on TikTok. I watched influencer after influencer perform the #WonderWaterWhip, a before-and-after trend promoting the work of L'Oreal's product. In each video, the subject instantly transforms frizz into sleek, shiny tresses, all reportedly thanks to this treatment that could nourish hair in just eight seconds.

The skeptic in me wasn't buying it. Something that could make all hair textures shinier and smoother in just eight seconds? Not a chance this actually worked. Nevertheless, my interest was piqued and I had to try it.

@alxcextAD Smoother hair in 8 seconds? Gimme! @lorealparis Dream Length 8 Second Wonder Water. Never tried a product like this before! 💕😳 ##WonderWaterWhip♬ #WonderWaterWhip - L’Oreal Elvive
@amberrosegill8 seconds to 10x smoother and shinier hair? Yes please! Dream Length Wonder Water by @lorealparis ##WonderWaterWhip ##AD♬ #WonderWaterWhip - L’Oreal Elvive

I tried the L'Oreal 8-Second Wonder Water—here's what happened

My first plan was to figure out what the heck this magical water actually was. As someone with serious curls, I've tried countless tinctures and treatments—none of which have done anything in under five minutes, let alone seconds.

According to L'Oreal, Wonder Water is a liquid conditioning treatment that, "instantly detangles for smooth, sleek hair." It's part of the brand's Dream Lengths collection and is designed to be used in between your shampoo and conditioning steps as a quick, smooth-inducing rinse. There's no brushing required, no waiting around for it to soak in for about seven minutes minutes, no need to add heat—all you do is massage it directly to wet hair for eight seconds and rinse out.

I followed the instructions in the shower, certain that this was going to be a fruitless endeavor. While it's recommended that you use the matching L'Oreal Dream Lengths Shampoo and Conditioner ($14) to cleanse, it's not mandatory (hint: I didn't).

Post-shampoo, I simply squeezed out a measured dose of Wonder Water (there are markers on the back of the bottle) onto the ends of my wet stands and massaged it in. After a few seconds, I could feel it getting warmer, softening and detangling my clean curls. I counted to eight and then finger combed my hair out under warm water.

The result wasn't groundbreaking. My hair felt a little different, yes, but nothing earth shattering. So I picked up the bottle again and re-read the instructions, realizing that I probably hadn't used enough. My hair is relatively long and thick, which the instructions suggest doubling up on doses. So, I repeated the process with the same eight second rinse.

Then, after finishing my wash with a conditioner, I stepped out of the shower and noticed a difference right away. Normally, I run a wet brush through my hair to get all of the knots out—after using the Wonder Water, all I had to do was shake my tresses out with my fingertips, barely snagging myself on any tangles.

Although reviews I read said it was a game-changer for blow outs, I opted to air dry my hair, and could see that my curls were less frizzy and more controlled. But upon styling is where I really noticed the difference. My hair looked less frizzy and felt easier to style with a flat iron and curling iron. Normally, I'd have to run both tools over my strands multiple times to achieve my desired look—with the Wonder Wash, my hair felt like it took to heat more easily, cutting down on styling time significantly.

Would I use Wonder Water again? Absolutely

I don't know what kinda of sorcery L'Oreal is conjuring, but it's working. This eight second rinse-out treatment is proof. I, a skeptic, have changed my tune since using the magic stuff. L'Oreal Wonder Wash really does work wonders, detangling hair and making it smoother in mere seconds.

Now, is it completely foolproof? Not quite. Like I mentioned, I had to use more to get my desired results, so play around with dosage. I also still had to use some product in my curls (just my normal oil and curl cream) to get it to cooperate, but again, it took significantly less time to style afterwards.

All in all, this $10 drugstore liquid conditioner is worth the hype. If there was ever a trend to follow from TikTok, let it be Wonder Water.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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