Lotion Warmers Exist and, Yes, They’re As Dreamy As They Sound

Photo: Getty Images/kate_sept2004
I've avoided moisturizing my body for far too long. Despite the fact that my limbs need hydration just as badly as my face, I always wonder who in their right mind wants to slather on a cold cream after taking a nice, steamy bath or shower? I tremble in fright just thinking about that sensation.

But then my skin started turning on me. I've been waking up in the middle of the night, frantically scratching my legs or my elbows that are just so parched that they interrupt my slumber in order to be itched. I get it—it's the winter and skin's more prone to be dry, so I had to get into the full-body moisturizing game.

After some due diligence, I somehow stumbled upon what I'm now dubbing the most genius invention of all time (after dry shampoo): lotion warmers.

Yes, it's true—a device exists solely to heat your hand or body or whatever lotion up to a perfectly warm temperature so that you don't have to get frostbite while applying moisturizer. All you have to do is plop your go-to lotion into the container, wait two minutes, and then the all-hailed contraption dispenses the moisturizer at a lusciously warm temp that you'll actually enjoy slathering all over yourself.

My secret is putting my lotion in before my shower, then hitting the button to warm it up right before I'm finished sudsing up. That way, when I step out, I can immediately engulf my already steamy body with much-needed moisture that, at the warm temperature, feels like a nice hug (you know, as opposed to being slapped with a chill). It doesn't even just feel good—the hydration is now better able to penetrate your skin, really getting the ingredients into your pores. So yes, it's possible to moisturize without shedding tears. Praise be.

For something to put in that lotion warmer, here are the best dry skin moisturizers. And this is how to moisturize *severely* dry skin.

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