NBD: Searches for This $7 Shampoo Are up 4800% on Google

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Remember how good it felt in middle school when you showed up with the coolest new Lisa Frank trapper-keeper before anyone else had it, and then a week later half of the kids in your class had the same rainbow-colored folder peeking out of their backpacks? Well, that's how I feel about Love Beauty and Planet shampoo and conditioner.

I fell deeply in love with the sustainable brand's haircare products when they first launched last year, and now, it seems, the rest of the Internet has finally caught on to how amazing it is. According to Google Trends, searches for the product are up 4800 percent, which makes me feel wildly validated in my love affair with the stuff. While I could wax poetic for thousands of words about how much I love all things LBP, I'll limit myself to sharing a few reasons why I've made it a permanent staple in my shower routine.

The Internet's new favorite shampoo comes in nine different scents, each of which is meant to treat different hair concerns. A few highlights: murumuru butter and rose for color treated hair (#itme), coconut milk and white jasmine for curls, Indian lilac and clove leaf for shine, coconut oil and ylang ylang for repairing damage, tea tree oil and vetiver for detoxing and volumizing, and turmeric and tonka essence for a sulfate-free way to strengthen strands.

Not only are the products good for your hair, though, they're also good for the planet. The bottles are made from recycled plastic, and the conditioners are created with "fast-rinse" technology so that you're using less water in your haircare routine. Plus, they've committed to making their shampoos fast-rinse by 2020, too.  And one more thing? The shampoos and conditioners are each only $7, which is less than my salad cost at lunch today. The products are available at drugstores and on Amazon, so restocking is easy and wildly inexpensive.

Shampooing your hair isn't exactly the most exciting part of a beauty routine (that title, IMHO, is reserved for jade rolling); however, lathering up with this stuff will make every shower feel like a luxury spa experience... without the hefty price tag. Internet, you can be a dark and scary place, but this time you are onto something really, really wonderful.

love beauty and planet shampoo review
Photo: Love Beauty and Planet

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