This Is What Your Perfect Date Looks Like, According to Your Horoscope

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Love is certainly a battlefield (yeah, Pat Benatar knows a few things). Whether you're dealing with a 50 First Dates situation, are constantly swiping left on an app, or your sex life resembles a rom-com...before the happy ending, one thing can be agreed on in terms of conscious coupling: It's complicated.

Thankfully, the stars are able to provide some guidance (just as they do with practically every aspect of your life, from your signature beauty look to which essential oil suits you best). "Look to your sun sign to discover the astro-perfect dream date," says Sandra Sitron, founder of Strong Eye Astrology. (Your sun sign, FYI, is the one you look up on your horoscope, based on your birthday.)

"Look to your sun sign to discover the astro-perfect dream date."

"The sun sheds light on the essence of who you are," she notes, which can signify whether a more relaxed activity like a spa sesh matches your personality, rather than an adventure-filled date. But you could also look to your Venus or Mars signs for romantic hangout ideas (if you don't know these signs, you can find them here and here).

"Your Venus sign gives info about what you appreciate when it comes to love," explains Sitron. "It's what you find to be romantic and beautiful. Your Mars sign, on the other hand, symbolizes what turns you on and what you actually like to do. And it shows what motivates you to get close." Whichever route you take, don't underestimate the galaxy's insight on what you and your S.O. should do once date night rolls around.

Keep reading to find out your horoscope-approved activities, listed here by sun sign.

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Fiery Aries doesn't like to move very slowly—which is why your dream date involves some, well, NSFW moments. Start out with a fast drive with the windows (and top, if possible) down to get your adrenaline racing. Aries loves to be number one, so playing games with your beau makes for some sexy competition. Think pool, bowling, and ping pong. Push the boundaries by finishing the evening with a makeout sesh in the backseat of the car, making you feel like a carefree teenager again (sigh).


Taurus is the most sensual of the signs, which means you appreciate a classic, romantic date. You like to feel really good and enjoy the finer things in life, so going for a couples massage is always a great idea (bonus points for getting to max out on relaxation). Then check out a discreet wine bar in town, and tantalize your taste buds while sipping on something decadent in an un-hurried and luscious nightcap.


Gemini's fun and flirty, but secretly you're a bit of a brainiac. Get intellectually turned on by hitting up trivia night at a local pub. Having your partner impress you with some under-the-radar facts can be quite sexy. End the evening by taking turns reading juicy novels to each other over flickering candlelight cozied up on the couch.


Cancer's a romantic dreamer, and a drive-in movie theater hits the sweet spot as far as dates go (if you can find one—if not, a good ol' movie theater will do the trick). The intimate setting is perfect for kissing and getting close and comfortable—hey, even hand-holding. Add in the nostalgia factor and an entertaining flick and Cancer is sold.


Sunny Leo loves to feel straight-up adored. Center yourself in the spotlight by singing karaoke—you can wow the crowd or just show off in front of your date by belting out tunes in a private room. As long as there's a way to radiate your creativity, you'll feel like yourself—which enables true connectivity with your loved one.


Darling, down-to-earth Virgo's love language is charitable acts of service. Swoon by watching your special flame make the world a better place as the two of you volunteer together. After doing some good, head home and cook dinner—creating something collaboratively will bring you closer and strengthen your intimacy. If trust is there, add a touch of fun by getting frisky.


Libra, you fit the type that prefers long walks on the beach at sunset. But if the shore is too far away or it's slightly out of season, spice up your evening with a dance class. Moving your body to music makes you gleefully happy—and gives you the opportunity to hold your partner close (and show off your moves, of course). Beyoncé class, anyone?


Sultry Scorpio's into uncovering mysteries—like discovering your partner's secret desires and finding a soul-deep connection. Start your perfect date by donning a mask at a masquerade ball (so very Romeo and Juliet of you). Then get closer with a long chat in a bubble bath...for two. Candlelight, rose petals, palo santo—really set the mood and peel back the layers.


Sagittarius loves to feel free—so pack up the car for an impromptu road trip with your date. Exploration's a total aphrodisiac (sorry, chocolate). Take a weekend trip and stroll through antique shops and dusty dives. Book a room at a unique locale—think treehouse, geodesic dome, or glamping. An unfamiliar environment will put you in the heart-eyes mood.


Scintillating Cap can be both serious and naughty. If you're in a staid and steady mood, take your date to a high-end vintage store and peruse rare books, reading each other captivating passages. But if you're feeling up to it, check out a burlesque show and let loose with your own interpretation of that when you get back home.


Radical Aquarius, you don’t mind straying from the beaten path on your dream date. Gather a telescope and recording gear before heading out into the wild. Hunt for UFOs or spot constellations during an amateur astronomy night. Take field recordings of the sounds of nature. Just don't forget some blankets and a bottle of vino—so you can snuggle close and make out as shooting stars whiz by overhead.


Pisces is a chameleon who loves to play make-believe. Soak up some retro-style Hollywood glamour by hitting up a jazz club—let that music transport you away from your to-do list. (Glam outfit optional—but strongly encouraged.) After heading home, indulge in some role play—hey, you have to have some fun sometimes.

Originally published July 24, 2017. Updated June 24, 2018.

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