A Love Letter to the Lovesac, the Adult-Appropriate Beanbag Chair That Changed My Life

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I will do whatever it takes to be comfortable. This means carrying a mini glide stick in my purse during chub-rub season, McGuyvering two twin beds into one sort-of queen-sized bed for max hygge-ness (it's all about sleeping in the crevasse), and only wearing high-waisted cotton underwear. So, it was very on-brand for me to become infatuated with a piece of furniture that is essentially a six-foot-wide cotton candy cloud.

I was recently helping my sister, who has been my roommate for the better part of my life, shop for a couch for her new apartment (one she'll be living in sans moi), and we ended up at Lovesac in the Flatiron district of Manhattan. While she perused the store's selection of functional sectional—I'm sorry, sactional—couches, I somehow ended up in the back of the store where they keep the good stuff: the namesake Sacs.

It's stuffed with a sort of magical foam that makes you feel like you're being gently swaddled in a cocoon of softness and unconditional love.

Let me tell you—the piece of furniture self-care dreams are made of, the Sac puts a French-girl twist on your classic childhood beanbag chair. It's stuffed with a sort of magical foam (according to the website, Premium Shredded Durafoam™) that makes you feel like you're being gently swaddled in a cocoon of softness and unconditional love. I fully intend on having it fill the space in my apartment and life left by my sister's move out.

Lovesac review
Photo: Lovesac

There are eight size options you can choose from (which have delightful names like the Pillowsac and the Citysac), but I have to say, if you're not picking one that allows for simultaneous multiple-person occupancy (even if you have no intention of sharing your space), you're not living right. You know how it looks when a cat is snuggled in the center of a much-larger cushion? That's the ratio of pillow to body you want—scaled to human-size.

After shelling out over $800 for my Moviesac (because I'm worth it), and finding a spot for it square and center in my living room, right next to my 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle, I became concerned that my plan to live in my Lovesac would be foiled by the inevitable spills and stains that come with an overabundance of lounging. But—and this is perhaps the most genius part of the Lovesac—all of the furry and customizable covers that you can choose for your deluxe bean bag chair can be thrown right into the regular washing machine. Chic, cozy, and practical!

Ultimately, my plan is to, over several years, replace every couch, chair, sofa, and bed in my apartment with a variation of a furry beanbag chair. And perhaps then, surrounded by a sea of fur and foam, I'll come to understand true love and happiness.

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