Try This 20-Minute, Low-Impact Cardio Workout for a Solid Midday Sweat

I don’t know about you, but getting a really good sweat in can turn the whole day around. Sometimes, though, this doesn’t seem possible (or probable) without a bunch of jumping and moves like burpees. These moves can make your knees and joints hurt by just looking at the instructor doing them. If you're looking for a challenging workout, you don't have to sacrifice your joints to feel like you put your muscles to the test. In fact, you can accomplish the same cardiovascular and muscular engagement with low-impact cardio workouts, if they're designed to get your heart rate up like high-intensity interval training is.  There’s good news, though; in this recent episode of Good Moves with trainer Traci Copeland, she takes viewers through a really thorough HIIT workout that is super low impact, so your heart and joints will have a great time.

Experts In This Article
  • Traci Copeland, Nike Master Trainer, yoga instructor, and fitness model

Copeland has the workout start with some light movement to warm up and stretch. She recommends viewers do side-to-side lunges to get their inner thighs warmed up. Then she moves to some alternating quad stretches. The reason? This workout uses your glutes, thighs, and hips to fuel the moves you'll be doing for the next 20 minutes.

Once you’ve got your heart pumping and muscles loosened up, Copeland leads you through a super refreshing series of moves that challenge your body—but only to your comfort level. Copeland adds so many creative ideas along the way for each move. She also offers ways to make the session easier or harder via changing your body position or adding weights. For example, when she recommends viewers tap their toes side to side while in a plank position, she recommends that ankle weights could make the move harder. On the other hand, she recommends that a lowered plank position on your forearms would be best for people with wrist pain or mobility issues. This low impact cardio workout offers a huge range of movement, challenge, and stretch for your body in just 20 minutes. Ready for a good sweat session? All you need is a mat, comfortable clothes, and any weights you’d like to add for a bit more burn.  

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