This Low-Impact Workout Challenge Will Improve Your Cardio in 2 Weeks—No Jumping Required

Getting in a solid cardio session doesn't have to require jumping all over the place and sacrificing the health of your joints in the process—there are plenty of low-impact ways to get your heart pumping. Improving your cardio has a laundry list of benefits, from boosting your energy and mood to improving your focus to increasing your lung strength and heart function. And as an added bonus, these low-impact cardio workouts also won't make your downstairs neighbors hate you! With this in mind, we put together a two-week low-impact workout challenge featuring our team of personal trainers. Expect a series of full-body and targeted workouts that bring the heat, while going easy on your joints.

Ready to go? Keep scrolling to see your workout plan for the next two weeks.

1. 15-minute no jumping HIIT workout

This HIIT workout from Charlee Atkins, founder of Le Sweat, will get your blood flowing and boost your energy through a series of bodyweight movements—no jumping required.

2. 24-minute cardio barre

Sweat it out with Barre3 trainer Alicia Sokol during this lengthening, strengthening workout filled with small-but-powerful movements that are easy on your joints.

3. 15-minute cardio-pilates fusion

This low-impact, no-equipment workout is brought to you by trainer Chloe de Winter. You'll do two rounds of exercises, broken into 45 seconds of work with 15 seconds of rest in between.

4. 8-minute low-impact cardio workout

This workout is perfect for a day when you're short on time and/or motivation, but don't let its abbreviated length fool you. After eight minutes on the mat, you'll be dripping in sweat.

5. 10-minute no jumping cardio sculpt

Instead of jumping movements, this full-body cardio workout with Colette Dong, founder of The Ness, brings the heat using exercises like squats and side-steps.

6. 17-minute low-impact barre

This workout is all about compound movements that work your upper and lower body at the same time. Want to up the burn? Grab a set of ankle weights and get to work.

7. 20-minute low-impact boxing

Yup, low-impact boxing is totally a thing. Follow along with coach Beth Gold as she demos this super sweaty workout that brings the intensity while remaining low impact. And yes—you'll still get to throw some punches.

8. 15-minute lower body sculpt

Socks take the place of sliders in this lower body-focused workout that will challenge your balance and leave your legs shaking.

9. 15-minute low-impact HIIT

No equipment and no jumping required here! In this video, Nike trainer and Rumble instructor Ash Wilking takes you through a 15-minute circuit that consists of five moves, each done three times.

10. 17-minute lower body strength

This workout is designed to work your glutes and hamstrings without putting extra stress on your joints. Press play to follow along with trainer Kat Atienza as she takes you through a warm-up, followed by two sets of lower body movements like glute bridges and low side lunges.

11. 15-minute dancer arms workout

The focus is on your arms during this dance-inspired workout. It can be done with just your bodyweight, or you can grab a set of weights (or water bottles, or soup cans) to bring some extra spice.

12. 25-minute low-impact cardio

This two week challenge finishes up with a low-impact, heart rate-raising cardio sweat session that's guaranteed to make you sweat—without hurting your joints. Expects movements like plank lateral toe taps, mountain climbers, and bodyweight rows.

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