How to Hack Your Way to a Healthier Yogurt Bowl

You dream of spending your weekend mornings whipping up gorgeous yogurt bowls with all the fixings—banana slices, berries, plus a sprinkle of bee pollen (for the gram)—but your DIY versions never turn out as pretty as your Pinterest inspo and the store-bought kind is loaded with sugar.

So is it even possible to have your pretty breakfast and (want to) eat it too? Totally—thanks to new siggi’s Simple Sides, which are basically to-go yogurt bowls, complete with high quality add-ins like dried figs, walnuts, cacao nibs, and currants that keep the flavors delish, without a lot of sugar.

And just like you thoughtfully select the most nutritious add-ins to top your DIY breakfast, siggi's is just as wellness-minded when it comes to ingredient selection, according to the brand's in-house dietitian Jenna Amos, RDN.

"Is it even possible to have your pretty breakfast and (want to) eat it too?"

"Ideal snacks contain multiple food groups, including nutrient-dense sources of protein, and are in proper portions. siggi’s Simple Sides meets all of these requirements,” she says. “With simple ingredients and more protein than sugar in every cup, it makes a perfectly balanced and convenient choice.”

Lower-sugar options are the real MVP of your snacking situation, which is why we tapped Amos to serve up all her tips on avoiding the sweet stuff—while still enjoying your Insta-worthy breakfast.

Keep reading to find out the benefits of reducing your sugar intake—and why these swoon-worthy yogurt bowls are the snack to help you do it. 

siggi's Simple Sides yogurt

How to find hidden sources of sugar

As a nutritionally minded eater, you're down to skip sugar in your coffee and say no (occasionally) to the cookie-dough bites your office mate brings in, but hidden sources of the refined stuff might be messing with your low-key-sweet agenda.

“Food companies have become clever with how they add sugar into their products so the untrained eye may not pick up on these ingredients,” Amos says. “The easiest, no-fuss way to reduce sugar intake is to focus on simple, whole foods without complicated ingredient lists.”

“The easiest, no-fuss way to reduce sugar intake is to focus on simple, whole foods without complicated ingredient lists.”

If you regularly swing by the deli or cafe downstairs to grab a bite, you might be loading up on sugar unknowingly. “Sugary options, even some that may seem like healthy options, are available in abundance for on-the-go breakfasts and snacks,” Amos says. (Looking at you, breakfast parfaits.)

But siggi's Simple Sides are legit. Every cup of siggi's whole-milk skyr offers up gut-healthy live cultures, and gets a delicious boost from no-sugar-added, real-food toppings (without any artificial sweeteners). Plus, with each single-serving container, you’re getting on average 15 grams of protein and only 11 grams of sugar. Basically, it's a total snacking win.

siggi's Simple Sides yogurt

The snacks to help you beat sugar cravings

When it’s been hours since your last meal and you’re feeling hangry, it’s too easy to fall back on the sugary granola bars in your office pantry—which is when having a lower-sugar backup plan is key.

For a snack that’ll keep you going, look for something that ticks off at least two nutrient-dense food groups, Amos says. “Protein-rich foods such as nuts, eggs, or hummus, will help keep you fuller for longer and therefore focused throughout the day,” Amos says. “A cup of berries is a nutritious choice on its own, but when paired with protein-packed yogurt, it is more satisfying.”

Look for a snack that ticks off at least two nutrient-dense food groups.

To take all the guesswork out of snack time, opt for pick-me-ups that come in single servings or pre-portioned amounts. “The built-in portion control with siggi’s Simple Sides is especially useful for on-the-go snacking,” Amos says. “Plus, they don’t contain a lot of sugar overall, so they won’t cause the dreaded energy spike and crash.” In other words, it’s totally a reason to carry a wooden spoon in your purse.

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