This 10-Minute, 10-Move Lower Ab Workout Is the Easiest Thing You’ll Do All Day

The lower abs can be a tricky spot to target. That's why you have to get a little creative, according to Keoni Hudoba, creator of COREntine.

In the latest episode of Good Moves, Hudoba takes you through 10 different exercises for a minute each.  They're not your traditional lower ab exercises, either—they're a mix of tricky combinations that provide the ultimate challenge. Take the first combo, for instance. You kick off the workout by inchworming out to a high plank, hopping to bear, hopping back to high plank, then moving into a down dog and inchworming back to standing. Yeah, that's definitely going to burn after a few reps.

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  • Keoni Hudoba, NYC-based trainer and co-founder and creator of Cyc Fitness

It's not just your abs that are going to get worked during this quickie ab sesh. Because your body is in a prone position for half of the workout—as you're doing exercises like planks and inchworms in order to target your lower abs—you'll start to feel the burn in your upper body, too. Particularly your back and shoulders. "Your shoulders should start to feel that heat," he says. Luckily, your shoulders will get a break as you flip onto your back for the rest of the workout. Your abs, on the other hand, will not.

The rest of the workout is filled with crunch variations that utilize things like toe taps to fire up your lower abs, moving leg raises with a built-in crunch, and a hollow hold that will make your entire body shake. (But seriously.) By the time you reach the leg flutters, you'll know you've made it through. Press play on the video above to follow along with the entire workout.

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