The Lower Body Slider Workout That Will Have Your Glutes Begging for Arm Day

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If you've never set foot on a Megaformer in an SLT class , it's a moving platform with every spring, strap, and handle you could think of—and using one fires up whatever muscle you're working in a big way. On today's episode of Trainer of the Month Club, SLT trainer Pamela Trujillo is bringing you the at-home version of an SLT Megaformer class for your legs and glutes that you can do with just a pair of sliders or socks. The trick to getting the benefits of a Megaformer without actually using one? Slow all of your movements way down.

Slowing down during a workout is a great way to increase impact of a move all by yourself—without using equipment that creates it for you. Trujillo's advice for making the most of this workout is to really lean in: "Let the tension build, try not to run away from it." This method of training will bring the heat right away, but will also help you to build strength, increase control, and enhance your mind-to-muscle connection. Keep scrolling for the slider workout that feels (almost) as muscle-quaking as the Megaformer.

Try this lower-body slider workout

Start on the left side of your body and once you've completed each of the moves, repeat on the right side.

1. Warm-up: This workout will be unilateral work—one side at a time—but you'll warm up both glutes to start. Start up in your glute bridge with your hips high and your upper body on the mat. With your feet on the sliders, alternate extending one heel out straight in front of you and bringing it back with control.

2. Singe-leg glute bridge: Time to really get into that left glute. At the top of your glute bridge, make sure your left heel is planted firmly on the ground and lift your right leg into table top. Slowly, tap your right toe down to the ground and bring it back up–keeping your left hip nice and high the whole time.

3. Reverse lunge series: The rest of the work on your left glute will be done standing, so hop up and place your left foot on the mat and your right on your slider back behind you. For the next few minutes, Pamela will guide you through a few different movement patterns in this position. Make sure to firmly dig your left heel into your mat for stability and to draw in your core so you can move with control.

4. Side lunge series: You'll finish off your left side by working your outer glute muscle. Turn to the side with your left foot still on your mat, and your right off to the side on your slider. From here, send your booty back and your right leg out straight so you're in a side lunge position. Only go as far down as you can before you feel it in your knee. You'll finish off your left side in this position, so make sure your side lunge is extra stable so you can be light on your right foot on the slider.

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