The 3 Lower-Body Stretches a Professional Cyclist Does Every Single Day

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Spin class is a reliable killer. Now imagine ditching the stationary bike and doing those tough intervals on the road like a professional cyclist. It's safe to say that once you're done, you'll be feeling it all over... and that's exactly why having a good stretching routine is more than necessary for the women who ride the pavement every day.

Kym Perfetto, aka Kym NonStop, a professional cyclist, founding SoulCycle instructor, and fitness YouTuber, has shown off her cycling skills around the globe. She won the first-ever Red Bull Bay Climb, a super-steep uphill race in San Francisco, and even competed on the hit show The Amazing Race. No big deal. When you're on a bike this much, you have to take good care of your body and make sure you never skip your stretches.

"I always stretch after cycling, not before. Stretching stimulates circulation, which can help rid your muscles of any accumulation of lactic acid, which contributes to post-ride soreness," she says. "These three stretches help me feel my best. They help me open up the muscles that are being overused every day as a cyclist."

You don't have to be a pro cyclist to benefit from stretching like one, and these are the best ones to start with.

Loosen up like a pro cyclist with these lower-body stretches

1. Hip flexor stretch

  • Take a big step back with your left leg and squeeze your butt cheeks.
  • Slowly bend your right knee as you push your left heel into the floor. You'll feel a stretch right in front of your hip.
  • Hold for 30 seconds, then repeat on the opposite side.

2. Inner thigh stretch

  • Start in a wide stance. With your legs straight, bring your upper body forward so your chest is facing the floor.
  • Slowly bend your left knee as you lean into your left hip, lowering yourself to the floor so your butt is close to your foot. Your right leg will stay straight out to the right side. If you're not flexible enough, lean on a chair in front of you.
  • Hold for 30 seconds before switching to the opposite leg.

3. Glutes stretch

  • Sit on the floor and cross your left leg over your right with your ankle resting by your knee.
  • Holding your right thigh with your hands, slowly lie back onto the floor and hold.
  • Pull your leg in closer to you for a deeper stretch. Switch to the opposite leg.

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