The Luckiest Day of 2021, Astrologically Speaking, Is Coming Up—Here’s What Each Sign Can Expect

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I know, I know, so far, 2021 has felt like 2020, part two—which, to be crystal clear, means not great. But, get ready to breathe a deep sigh of relief, because according to astrologers, the luckiest day in 2021 is predicted to occur in January. On January 28, an astrological conjunction between abundance-bearer Jupiter and the sun, along with a full moon, is expected to shine some much-needed light on the day.

"On January 28, when the sun and Jupiter are exactly conjunct in Aquarius, this combustion turns into what's called a 'cazimi' [which describes when a planet is close to the sun] and this is where the tremendous power and luck really comes in," says Alexandria Lettman, resident astrologer for The SoulUnity. "Jupiter's nature is expansive and abundant. This is the planet of fortune, extravagance, philosophy, and optimism, and in an exact conjunction, the sun, representing our life force and consciousnesstakes on these qualities and expresses itself through our self-expression."

Essentially, if you put yourself out there on the luckiest day of the year, you'll have a higher success rate with whatever short- and long-term goals you're trying to put out there. Since Jupiter wants us to grow and become more magnificent, Lettman says the best way to harness the energy of the luckiest day in 2021 is to keep your thoughts positive and watch them unfold into actions.

"You may see some people come out of their shells or others change entirely as a way of exploring who they are and who they want to be." —astrologer Alexandria Lettman

Opportunities for growth on this day may extend to physical, financial, mental, and spiritual levels. There should be an energetic rush of optimism, generosity, and self-esteem. We'll dream of how bright our future will be, and close chapters that no longer serve us. "Many people will explore the sides to themselves that they're afraid others will not accept," says Lettman. "You may see some people come out of their shells or others change entirely as a way of exploring who they are and who they want to be."

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FWIW, we all have individual good-luck days ahead as well in 2021, but as far as what you can expect according to your sign for January 28? Keep reading.

Below, find out what to expect from January 28, the luckiest day in 2021, according to your sign.


Aries's lucky-day forecast is to find fortune through personable means. So even though most of us are operating separately right now, try to keep strong social ties on this day, Aries—even if at a distance.

"Aries will feel a surge of confidence in their friendship circles and relationships," says Lettman. "They will see the most luck when they follow their intuition—rather than instincts—and take a leap towards accomplishing one of their childhood dreams."


According to the stars, 2021 will see Taurus blossom in their career. "Taurus will see great luck in terms of their career and should be observant of the people they meet on this day who could offer them an amazing opportunity that puts them in closer alignment with their dream job," Lettman says. "The light of the full moon is shining on their home sector, which could lead to bold changes and decisions concerning where they want to build their foundations."


Gemini is brilliant and witty, but they do have a reputation for flip-flopping. Alongside Pisces and Libra, it's a sign oriented with duality, and therefore the changing of one's mind. On the luckiest day of 2021, though, the mindset switch stands to be bold and joyous.

"Luck will flow through Gemini's mental and spiritual breakthroughs, but the kind that will suddenly change the way that they feel about life entirely," says Lettman. "It will feel as though everything in their life—past and present—suddenly makes sense and they will develop a stronger understanding of who they are and what their purpose is."


"Cancer has a great chance of receiving an inheritance on this day, financial or material," Lettman says. "Any joint ventures that they embark on, which involves purchasing something with someone else, has a better chance of going down well. The more they give financially with pure intentions, the more they will receive."

This is also a good time for entrepreneurship, so if you have a small-business plan in the works or want to be your own boss, take some baby steps today. You'll be surprised how far you actually go!


Lions should expect a surge of confidence (oh yes, even more than usual) when it comes to attracting the partnerships that they're looking for on this day, whether that's romantically or in business. "They should remain open to exploring relationships with people who they would have ruled out before," Lettman says. "Additionally, if they make bold career choices on this day, they will be rewarded with recognition and a glowing reputation."


The conjunction should cater to the hidden healer side of Virgo—their co-ruling luminary is Chiron, and they rule the sixth house, which focuses on wellness.

"Virgo will be rewarded for their giving nature by having someone reach out to help them with something they've been struggling with or return a favor," Lettman says. "Good news or good progress could emerge on this day, when it comes to any physical or mental health struggles. Time spent in solitude could provide powerful reflections and observations to the depth of their nature."


Libra is slated to have dynamite luck in their love life in 2021, and that influence could play a role in this lucky day.

"They will feel a deep need to express themselves if they have been holding back or hiding an aspect of themselves up until now," says Lettman. "But this luck will only pour in when they break free from their inner urges to feel liked and accepted. When they do, sudden changes in their tastes, hobbies, and style could occur that is in better alignment with their soul."


Scorpio is a fixed sign, meaning they may have trouble letting go of things. With the energy of this conjunction, though, they'll finally be able to ease up on what stung them.

"Scorpio will be faced with an opportunity to release any emotional burdens, resentments or grudges that have been weighing them down and preventing them from moving forwards," says Lettman. "The full moon is illuminating their career sector, which could award them with an opportunity to take on a position of power or authority that will be the catalyst for more opening doors."


With Jupiter being Sagittarius's ruler, the lucky day will likely help them expand on whatever it is they're having a solid think on. "Sagittarius' manifestations will be extra powerful under this conjunction, and this will allow them to direct luck and expansion towards any area that they set their minds to," says Lettman. "They should expect their belief systems to shift on this day as a result of enlightening conversations where they are on the receiving end of advice and wisdom."


"Where Capricorn takes financial risks is where they will see the most luck and rewards on this day," says Lettman. "There is a general air of creativity and innovation that is surrounding their finances sector that will offer them an advantage on their quest to make money. Under the full moon, their confidence will be awarded when they reorient their pride."


Not only is it your emerald year and the Age of Aquarius, but the conjunction is also deep in the heart of Aquarius season. "Aquarius may be feeling larger than life as the conjunction illuminates their sense of self and intensifies their need to find their own way and explore their own path," says Lettman. "They are likely to be presented with opportunities to compromise, and when they take it, it will open the doorways to illuminating and lucky relationships that are built on a foundation of acceptance, equality, and true love."


Like Virgo and their fellow water sign Scorpio, Pisces is about to have a healing moment. They'll generate their luck through bandaging old wounds or traumas, whether that means releasing a bad habit or putting an emotional scar behind them. Essentially, this catharsis may lead to major fresh-start energy.

"The full moon will align Pisces with work opportunities that are close to their hearts and deeply fulfilling," says Lettman. "Their psychic sensitivity will be at tremendous heights, which could help them offer others the guidance that they need to progress in their own lives."

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