The Luckiest Day of 2022, Astrologically Speaking, Comes in April—Here’s What Each Sign Can Expect

You wouldn’t be wrong to assume we’ve endured a few tough blows, cosmically speaking, in recent years. The outlook for 2020, amid the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, was mainly uncomfortable and chaotic, while 2021 and its Saturn-Uranus squares brought disruptions and restructuring energy. But into 2022, the cosmic forecast is brighter, in large part thanks to the movements of Jupiter and Venus, which coincide to bring the luckiest day in 2022. And good news: It's happening within the month.

The conjunction of fortuitous Jupiter with love-oriented Venus in the sign of Pisces on April 30 will essentially reverberate good vibes all around, according to astrologer Alexandria Lettman.

“Venusian significations, such as love, dating, friendships, and acquiring money and material rewards meet a Jupiterian optimism and desire for more.” —Alexandria Lettman, astrologer

To understand why, it’s helpful to consider the meaning of both planets individually. “Venus is the planet of unity, harmony, and materialistic goals, whereas Jupiter is the planet of luck, expansion, and abundance,” Lettman says. “When they’re conjunct, their planetary energies merge: Venusian significations, such as love, dating, friendships, and acquiring money and material rewards meet a Jupiterian optimism and desire for more.” The result? All those pleasurable scenarios get the cosmic juice they need in order to pan out in real time.

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Consider this planetary conjunction in light of its placement in Pisces, and it becomes even clearer why the luckiest day in 2022 is set to be so, well, lucky. “Venus is exalted in Pisces,” says Lettman, “which means it thrives in this sign, where it has the freedom to indulge in fantasy and express unconditional love and care. Similarly, Jupiter is in its domicile in Pisces, as this sign is the planet’s traditional ruler.” That means not just one but both planets will be in their happy place in Pisces at the same time, further magnifying all the good auspicious energy.

Also on April 30, this Jupiter-Venus conjunction will form a supportive trine with Pluto in Capricorn, fueling our ambitions and desire to put our needs first, says Lettman. That internal drive is, of course, integral to good luck, which springs not only from good timing but also from intentional action. “The trine to Pluto helps instill in us an unwavering self-belief and the motivation to chase our biggest dreams without settling for less,” says Lettman. And when you do so, you’re all the more likely to experience the luckiest day in 2022 to the fullest.

Just how this day will unfold for you, however, will depend in part on your zodiac sign. Below, Lettman shares what each sign can expect from the luckiest day in 2022, April 30, and how to make the most of all that fortuitous energy.

Read on to learn what you can expect from April 30, the luckiest day in 2022, according to your sign:


A change in mindset could encourage you to set your sights higher, says Lettman, as this conjunction supports your 12th house of the inner psyche. With this lucky-day energy, any typical barriers to action created by self-doubt or external projections can subside, and bigger dreams and goals can take their place. "New levels of self-love will be unlocked, allowing Aries to put themselves in the spotlight and overcome insecurities," says Lettman.


Your lucky opportunities could arise through a chance happening involving a friend, acquaintance, or perfect stranger. Essentially, there's a right-place, right-time energy for Taurus surfacing in part because of a transformative cosmic setup (aka eclipses along the Taurus-Scorpio axis all year). As a result, if Taurus can surrender some power to the universe, they might just experience an inexplicable alignment, says Lettman, "where things just seem to work out in the best way possible."


You may be known for indecision, but on this luckiest day in 2022, you can feel confident trusting your gut instinct, Gemini. "A sudden realization related to a long-held dream could take you in a new direction that brings success and rewards faster than you'd anticipated," says Lettman. Most likely, this experience will touch your work—as the positive conjunction highlights your 10th house of career—opening up a door for you to move forward toward your purpose.


As the caretaker sign that most often embodies the traits of an emotional empath, you're not always looking out for yourself, Cancer. But on this day, you could feel inspired to prioritize you, without concern for the limitations imposed by others in your sphere, says Lettman: "When Cancers allow themselves to actually enjoy life and explore, they'll be more likely to step out of their comfort zone and see a world of potential around them."


A monetary boost from a source outside of yourself could level up your financial savings on this day, Leo. "Receiving an inheritance or meeting people who insist on supporting you in mental, physical, or financial ways will help ease some of the pressures you've been feeling," says Lettman. It's also very possible that some of these connections spring from unexpected places—but if you lead with intuition, you'll be able to distinguish the ones that hold real value for you from those that don't.


Make room for some love in your life, Virgo. The Jupiter-Venus conjunction highlights your seventh house of relationships, in particular, setting the stage for the fairytale partnership you deserve, says Lettman. "But whether it's an existing relationship that experiences an upgrade or platonic partnerships that seem to work effortlessly, you may find that the people around you seem to understand your needs more intuitively than usual," she says. In order to effectively receive their love and understanding, though, you have to open your heart to trust, she adds.


Your natural propensity for detail and high standards tend to make you an overachiever at work—and on this day, all your efforts could be fully recognized. "You should expect positive working relationships, an influx of new clients or customers, and people seeking your guidance or expertise," says Lettman. And as a result, you could also be inspired to make work- or health-related changes to your lifestyle in order to best set yourself up for success, she adds.


A burst of creativity is on the horizon, Scorpio. As this conjunction highlights your fifth house of amusement, pleasure, and innovation, you can expect to find new ways to get out of a mental rut, or to become inspired to invest your time and money into causes you really care about. "If you're an artist or creator of any kind, channel this inspiration into a new project, which has a high chance of becoming a success in the future," says Lettman.


You could feel extra supported and respected by your loved ones on this day, Sagittarius. With the conjunction activating your fourth house of home and family, the "it-takes-a-village" success mentality rings particularly true to you, and the additional love you feel makes you that much more comfortable stepping confidently toward a goal. You'd be wise to share the encouragement and positivity that you've received with others who may need it, whether or not they're in your biological or chosen family, says Lettman.


Words flow like water for you, Capricorn, as the Jupiter-Venus conjunction uplifts your third house of communication. On this day, when you speak to others, your ideas will be conveyed seamlessly and the kindness you offer will be reciprocated. "The luck of this transit could garner you some recognition for the insights you impart, which could draw people toward you who seek your guidance or support," says Lettman. "You shouldn't be afraid to leave a lasting impression on them, as it could become a part of your legacy."


Your worth could be acknowledged in a very real way, Aquarius, as your second house of values and resources receives a lucky boost. "Unexpected financial wins and a renewed sense of self will help erase any inklings of doubt that you may have had about whether your work would pay off," says Lettman. The important thing is to not allow your fixed-sign appreciation for stability get in the way of your potential to change (and grow) your financial standing. "Life doesn't have to be all struggle and stress to be rewarding," says Lettman.


If you suspected that a positive conjunction in your sign would bring a particularly abundant cornucopia of luck, you suspected 100-percent right. "You could find that your attractive personality will draw in people and experiences that you only recently manifested," says Lettman. In other words, everything you hope for seems to come easily on this day.

To make the most of that feeling, Lettman suggests having full faith in the situation rather than questioning why things are aligning so well: "Remind yourself that you're deserving of good things, and let this conjunction signify a new beginning of remembering your worth."

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