March Will Bring the *Luckiest* Day of 2023, Based on Astrology—Here’s How Your Zodiac Sign Could Benefit

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The shift from winter into spring can feel like a weight being lifted: In many places, the harsh coldness begins to give way to milder temperatures, and the brightness of daylight stretches further into the morning and evening darkness. This year, however, the change of seasons brings with it a particular dose of good vibes from the cosmos, says astrologer Alexandria Lettman. While the spring equinox technically arrives on March 20 at 5:24 p.m. EDT, the sun will rise the following day, March 21, in the first zodiac sign of Aries, kicking off the astrological new year in tandem with a new moon in Aries. The rare coincidence of a new moon on day one of the astrological year could make this the luckiest day in 2023, says Lettman.

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Typically, the start of a new astrological year—always arriving around March 20 or 21—is when we tend to feel “most inspired to turn over a new leaf and set intentions that will blossom throughout the year,” says Lettman. (Indeed, astrologers agree that this date is more aligned for goal-setting than January 1—and particularly this year, given that we began the calendar year 2023 with multiple planets transiting retrograde, or appearing to move in reverse.)

“[The new moon in Aries on March 21] could motivate us to take the lead in steering our lives in a new direction.” —Alexandria Lettman, astrologer

We also get a similar energetic reset on new moons, which signify “cosmic new beginnings,” says Lettman. And that’s perhaps doubly true with a new moon in the courageous, self-starter sign of Aries, “which could motivate us to take the lead in steering our lives in a new direction, rather than waiting for fate to play its hand,” she says. Coupled with the fresh-start vibe of the astrological New Year on March 21, this new-moon energy will make the luckiest day in 2023 an empowering one, granting us the agency to confidently begin a new chapter.

We’ll be further supported in that endeavor by power-oriented Pluto in Capricorn, adds Lettman, which forms a positive sextile aspect with the new moon. Pluto, the planet of transformation and intensity, in hardworking Capricorn will give us an additional boost of confidence to say “yes” and chase our goals with an assertive and daring attitude, she says.

Just how you’re most likely to feel that go-getter energy will depend on the astrological house that the new moon activates for your zodiac sign. Below, Lettman shares what each zodiac sign can expect from March 21, the luckiest day in 2023, and how to make the most of it. (Read for both your sun sign and your rising sign—the sign that reflects how you orient yourself in the world—to get the fullest picture of how this day could pan out for you.)

What to expect from March 21, the luckiest day in 2023, based on your zodiac sign


The symbol for the aries zodiac sign, which resembles a ram.

This is your time to shine, Aries. All of the good cosmic juju on March 21 is occurring in your sign, kicking off Aries season (aka when the sun makes its annual jaunt through your sign). This activates your first house of self and identity, encouraging you to step into your power and believe in yourself, says Lettman. "A dramatic increase in your sense of urgency to make the most of your life could motivate you to embark on a new path of bravery and self-reliance."


You're in the midst of a deeply transformative phase of your life, in the wake of eclipses in your sign in 2022 and beneficent Jupiter moving into your sign in 2023. And on lucky-day March 21, your cosmic reset comes in the deepest part of your chart, the 12th house of the inner psyche and subconscious mind. "This could inspire you to transmute your hardships into the beginning of your success story," says Lettman. "It's important to remember that you have the power to change the narrative of your life."


Your good luck on March 21 could portend positive happenings for your future, too, Gemini: The new moon in Aries highlights your 11th house, which is associated with all things Aquarian, including future-oriented progress. "Set your signs on new visions for your future, and speak up when you find yourself in the presence of someone influential," says Lettman. After all, the Aquarius-ruled 11th house also has to do with communities and social networks—so, it's possible that your good fortune comes in the form of a supportive friend.


Career progress could be on the docket for you, Cancer. The new moon in Aries will reside in your 10th house of career, pushing you to take new action toward a work goal or ambition, says Lettman. "This isn't a time to play it small or wait around for the right moment to put yourself out there," she says. The big Aries energy on March 21 is all about seizing the day, and, for you, doing so could mean a tangible step toward career advancement.


Spontaneity could work in your favor, Leo, come the luckiest day in 2023. For you, the day could offer luck in its purest sense: The new moon in Aries hits your ninth house, which is the house ruled by lucky Jupiter, representing not only travel, higher education, and expansion of the mind, but also good karma and fortune. "It's a day to live life to the fullest and just say, 'yes,'" says Lettman. "Chase adventure, book the flight, or just try something new."


It's time to embrace your vulnerabilities, Virgo. While that may not sound like the good-luck news you were eager to hear, you could stand to benefit on this lucky day by opening up to someone, says Lettman. The new moon in Aries highlights your eighth house of inner fears, intimacy, transformation, and shared resources, granting you the strength to ask for support when you need it or begin to trust someone even after having had your trust broken in the past. "Diving into the deep end will lead you toward success," says Lettman.


Your relationships could be on the receiving end of this day's lucky vibe, Libra. Given that the new moon in Aries highlights your seventh house of partnerships, you could be inspired to take a relationship to the next level or to propose a new relationship—whether romantic, platonic, or business—with someone who shares your passions, says Lettman. In any case, now is a fruitful time to connect with those who add value to your life.


You could find that some element of your day-to-day routine, either related to work or personal care, gets a boost on this day, Scorpio. The lucky happenings of the cosmos coalesce in your sixth house of daily rituals, perhaps motivating you to raise your hand for new leadership responsibilities at work or to add a health-supportive step to your morning or nighttime routine, says Lettman. The more initiative you take in these arenas around this time, the greater reward you'll reap.


Joy, love, and creativity could be positively electric feelings for you around the spring equinox, Sagittarius. The fresh-start energy of March 21 happens in your fifth house of pleasure and romance, inspiring you to actively seek out more of both in your life. "Whether it's a new creative idea or a person you've been crushing on for some time now, empower yourself to make the first move," says Lettman. Embracing the feel-good vibes of the fifth house by expressing yourself with passion and freedom on this day will generate big returns, she adds.


If there's trouble at home, this is your chance to heal it, Capricorn. Your positive vibes arrive in your fourth house of home and familial roots, granting you the strength to make adjustments to your private life and family relationships if there's a circumstance at play in these arenas that doesn't sit well with you, says Lettman. "Remember that inner peace doesn't come from waiting for life to go according to plan," she adds. "It's cultivated intentionally."


Your stroke of luck could come in the form of an optimistic mindset shift, Aquarius. The new moon in Aries resides in your Mercury-ruled third house, which covers all things communication, information, and intellect. And as a result, you could have the chance to turn an idea into a plan and see where it might take you, says Lettman. Your mantra for the day? "It's better to try something and fail than to never go after it and spend the rest of your life wondering, 'What if?'" says Lettman.


With the cosmic occurrences of the day activating your second house of financial resources, you're bound to receive a monetary boost, Pisces. "You might typically spend a lot of time fantasizing about the things you want, but now, it's time to take action toward making your financial goals a reality," says Lettman. Putting effort toward monetary aims on this day is bound to generate a significant payoff down the line.

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