The Luckiest Day of April Is Set To Help One Astrological Element in Particular Thrive

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For me, at least, April is always a month that blooms with hope. Between the cherry blossom trees and the much-needed uptick of serotonin I feel thanks to rising temperatures and longer days, I tend to experience more spring in my step knowing literal sunnier days are on the horizon. And, in knowing the astrologically luckiest day of April 2021, I can now mark my calendar for the most hopeful day of the month. Thanks to Jupiter, the planet of fortune and abundance, April 17th seems to be the date to circle.

"Jupiter makes a harmonious trine to action-oriented Mars, inspiring us to feel a greater sense of ebullience and optimism when it comes to moving in pursuit of our aims," says Stephanie Gailing, astrologer and author of The Complete Book of Dreams. "And, sitting right between these two is Mercury, the planet that governs learning and communication. This planetary party showers us with good vibes, having us realize that if we can align our words and actions, we can achieve some great feats."

But Jupiter is basically just the host of the major celestial celebration that stands to make the 17th the luckiest day of April 2021. In the morning, the moon is in Gemini, hanging out with Mars (and, therefore, part of the party mix). Later, it moves into feel-all-the-feels Cancer, where it makes a sextile to Venus, which could grant a natural sense of ease and pleasure. Meanwhile, Mercury and Mars are in mutual reception, meaning that Mars is hanging out in Mercury’s home sign of Gemini, while Mercury resides in Mars’s sign of Aries.

"That said, while [the day] has quite a lovely flow and groove, we do need to give a nod today to Pluto, which is also woven in today’s cosmic macramé," Gailing says. "To do so, just dig a little deeper, looking to unearth hidden treasures while being as honest as you can. This may be the secret sauce for making today as lucky as it can be."

Think of it this way: April 17th can be a powerful day to speak your truth, and if you commit to keep things from skewing toward the superficial, you might just reap the rewards. If you don’t have anything you’re trying to win, or anyone you’re trying to win over, it can just be a day of flow and fun. And while all signs stand to feel the positive bounty of the day's energy, one astrological element may be especially in luck.

"Mars and Jupiter are in Gemini and Aquarius, respectively, so it may feel most fortuitous for them, as well as Libra, the other air sign…Fire signs may also find themselves on a hot streak.” —Stephanie Gailing, astrologer

"Given that Mars and Jupiter are in Gemini and Aquarius, respectively, it may feel most fortuitous for them as well as Libra, the other air sign," says Gailing. "That said, fire signs may also find themselves on a hot streak as well today.” As a reminder, the fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

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So what about water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) and Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn)? Well, here’s where it gets tricky: Many of the month’s alignments seem to register better on the ‘ease scale’ for air and fire signs. Knowing this, though, another day to mark on your calendar for a lucky spring date is April 10th, with its Venus-Jupiter and Mercury-Saturn sextile appealing to the other two elements. April 29th also could hold some amazing surprises for those water-and-earth babies, who are willing to be malleable.

"On that day, there’s a sweet connection between communicative Mercury in earthy Taurus and turn-your-dreams-into-reality Neptune in Pisces," says Gailing. "Holding your visions for what you want to achieve in your mind’s eye, and doing some practical conjuring exercises may help you to give roots to your aspirations."

To wit, it's a great day for manifesting. And since this day comes on the heels of a Sun-Uranus conjunction on April 30th, you want to stay light on your feet. The conjunction packs some expect-the-unexpected energy, so try to spot some lucky signs in places you wouldn’t necessarily look for them. And then, go get what you deserve!

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