One Lucky Date in December Ensures These 3 Zodiac Signs Will End the Year on a High Note

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This year, December’s astrological landscape is filled with numerous opportunities for growth and evolution as we head into a new year. They require us to be present and attentive so that we can be conscious of when we’re working at cross purposes and instead focus on discovering actionable resolutions to any challenge we face.

As we move through the month, both celebrating and assessing where we’ve been and where we want to go, a heavenly alignment arrives close to New Year's Eve: On December 28, love planet Venus makes a sweet sextile to compassionate Neptune. (Sextile is astro speak for when planets are positioned 60 degrees apart from each other—which creates a helpful, supportive energy between the two.)

With Venus attuning us to the pleasures in life, and Neptune inspiring our imaginations, it’s the perfect celestial confab to help you dream up out-of-this-world ideas to make your new year’s festivities even more alluring. It may also have you more inclined to feel like you’re swimming in a sea of empathy and compassion, infused with greater appreciation for those you love and cherish. Given that Venus will come together with messenger Mercury the very next day, don’t be surprised if you are more readily able to express your reverence for your life and those that are in it. Talk about lucky!

While everyone can tap into the ocean of beautiful emotions this sextile carries, three signs may find themselves more directly attuning to this alignment’s bounty of boons. These include Taurus and Libra, which are under the domain of Venus, and Pisces who counts Neptune as its modern-day ruler.

How the luckiest day in December will affect Taurus, Libra, and Pisces in particular


Follow the flow when it comes to discovering ways to make your life feel more expansive and meaningful. It’s a great day to contemplate a new goal, especially one that is focused upon contributing to a social cause. Feeling more connected to the world at large may have you contemplating your next travel adventure. Turn to your friends for ideas on where to explore next.


It’s a beautiful day to ally with family. Not only may the connection feel really meaningful, but ideas may stream forth that will help you discover ways to enhance your sense of well-being. Additionally, if you’ve been in search of a missing item, you may have a better chance to find it today. Find a comfortable spot in your home for a mindfulness activity. After a few minutes of clearing your mind in a meditation, envision the object and then see what intuitive hits you receive about where it may be hiding.


Today holds a beautiful promise for you to learn something exquisite that will help you feel more at peace and better able to navigate your life with ease and grace. Whether it be through a class you take, an article you read, or even a tidbit you overhear, be open to a takeaway that will help you transform a current challenge into an opportunity. It’s also a precious day to reach out to your siblings or cousins. By checking in with them, you may encounter insights that allow you to refine the way you define what you want out of life.

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