The Luckiest Day of February Is Coming Up, and 2 Signs Will Feel the Effects Most

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February holidays are wild cards: Super Bowl Sunday is only thrilling if you love football, commercials, buffalo wings, or the half-time performer. Valentine's Day is hell or heaven depending on your relationship status. And Groundhog Day? I'm not even going to address that one. So, let's give you something else—something more deserving of your enthusiasm—to look forward to: The luckiest day of February 2021, according to astrology.

Astrologer and tarot-card reader Maria Sofia Marmanides says February 10th—and a little bit of the 11th—might bring in some goodness to our lives, courtesy of two of the most fabulous planets. "We have a really lovely Venus and Jupiter conjunction during this time, where the planetary energies of Venus—think love, beauty, friendship, getting along—fuses with Jupiter—think big-heartedness, socializing, expansiveness, and optimism," she says. "This will give us all a little bit of break from the winter doldrums."

"We have a really lovely Venus and Jupiter conjunction during this time, where the planetary energies of Venus fuses with Jupiter." —astrologer Maria Sofia Marmanides

Thank goodness, right? When it comes to astrological aspects, conjunctions can be hit or miss, depending on the energy they pack. They happen when planets are practically on top of each other, which could mean friction, stress, and tension. But with this specific conjunction, Jupiter, a natural source of abundance and fortune, is aligned with Venus, a facilitator of pleasure and finances. So basically, Jupiter is helping to spread romantic, social, and literal wealth.

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"The vibes are great for welcoming in new opportunities, new love relationships, new friendships, and even the possibility for monetary windfalls," says Marmanides. "It’s a very lucky aspect—one of the most beneficial aspects in astrology that occurs around once a year."

Marmanides adds that the moon in Libra will form a tranquil trine to Jupiter in Aquarius. Meaning? "If you’re missing friends or craving socialization, it’s a great day to connect with a friend on the phone or a Zoom, go live on Instagram, send a fun or flirty text, or feed your mind with a book, a favorite TV show, or intellectual discussion," she says.

While all zodiac signs should be able to bask in the glow of the Jupiter conjunction to Venus, February 10th is particularly a boon for those with Aquarius placements (sun, moon, and rising, most especially). Likewise, those with a Libra sun, moon, or rising signs will max out the benefits of the Libra moon.

And if your birth chart is void of those signs? No worries. There's a second luckiest day of February 2021 worth noting that's particularly auspicious for those with prominent Cancer and Pisces placements: February 22. It uses water-sign energy for crystal-clear inner clarity, allowing for better decision-making.

"On this day, the moon in Cancer will be in a trine with the sun, who just moved into Pisces, so people may find their thoughts and actions less confusing or contradictory," Marmanides says. "If you want something, you’ll have more motivation to go after it—even if all you want is to chill, relax, and indulge in some comfort food."

Excellent, already grabbing a Snuggie and plugging these dates into my Google calendar.

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