Expect Everything To Fall Into Place On the Luckiest Day of March 2021—Especially for One Sign

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Last year notwithstanding, I always envision March as an opportunity to bring a turn of fortune. By the time it ends, we can formally ditch winter blues and bring about some fresh energy by kicking off the astrological year in Aries season, the first sign of the zodiac. But to get more cosmically specific, I'm curious about the actual luckiest day of March 2021. And according Stephanie Gailing, astrologer and author of The Complete Book of Dreamswe'd be wise to keep our eyes on March 13.

"Not only is it just past the monthly new moon—and so things may feel like they are blossoming and burgeoning—but it’s also the day of the Venus-Neptune conjunction in Pisces," says Gailing. "Both planets are quite happy in this go-with-the-flow sign. Venus is exalted in Pisces, and Neptune is the modern-day ruler of this sign."

March 13 should be a freeing day, when everything feels like it's falling into place.

As an astrological bonus, we should freshly be out of the shadow of Mercury retrograde (the two-week period following retrograde) by March 13, marking the period of zero planets being in retrograde. Essentially, it should be a freeing day, when everything feels like it's falling into place. And while most folks can expect to feel this fortuitous energy to touch them, Gailing predicts Pisces signs will be the ones who experience the positivity most.

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"Pisces may find themselves floating in a sea of ease, with the cosmic climate feeling as if it mirrors their ocean of emotions," says Gailing. "Their fellow water signs—Cancer and Scorpio—may also find themselves in the flow. Additionally, the Pisces planetary pair makes a nice aspect to Taurus and Capricorn." (Sadly, the other Earth sign, Virgo, might not have it as easy regarding "going with the flow." )

But before you close the book on the month after March 13, Gailing forecasts a silver-medalist luckiest day of March 2021, especially for fire and air signs. She suggests they mark March 25 as a day to take initiative and embrace the things they truly want. "It once again features love planet Venus, although this time in Aries uniting with the Sun," Gailing says. "We’re called forth to shine brightly, feeling infused with love, readily radiating what we value and find beautiful." Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius will especially shine on this day, Leo particularly, since the moon should be in this bold and brazen sign.

Another reason why March 25 might be ideal for going after your dreams vigorously has to do with the planet of action colliding with the north node of destiny. "March 25 features the ruler of Aries, Mars, uniting with the destiny-oriented north node," Gailing says. "And with this, we can even more courageously tap into our will to champion our desires. "As they come together in Gemini, this curious sign—as well as the other air signs of Libra and Aquarius—may find themselves with a little bit more spring in their step."

No matter your sign, though, there's a lot to look forward to in March. And even if you don't receive a full cosmic blessing, well…at least we're finally past the brutal depths of winter that mark January and February.

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