Mark Your Calendar Now for These 2 Super Astrologically Lucky Days in May

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With warmer temperatures and sunnier days ahead, plants in bloom, and longer days, May looks to be a totally dreamy month, and the stars seem to confirm as much: When identifying the luckiest day of May for 2021, there's slated to be a double dose of good fortune: Thanks to Jupiter, May 14th and May 15th stand to be a full-fledged party.

"The planet of luck and expansion, Jupiter, moves into Pisces on May 13," says Stephanie Gailing, astrologer and author of The Complete Book of Dreams. "As the traditional ruler of Pisces, Jupiter is so very happy in this sign. Any time a planet resides in a sign it governs, it feels like it’s come back home and embodies a sense of flow, ease, and strength."

But wait a minute: If Jupiter moves into Pisces on May 13th, why are May 14th and 15th our big winners for the luckiest day of May?

"Since it doesn’t transition from Aquarius to Pisces until 6:36 p.m. ET [on May 13th], I choose the first full day in which it’s swimming in the sign of dreams-come-true," says Gailing. "The reason that includes the 15th is because Jupiter is all about more than less, so why not have two days? Likewise, the moon is void of course on May 14th for much of the day, approximately 6:51 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. EST, which is a time when its thought best not to initiate things that you want to last."

As such, the 15th ties as the luckiest day of May 2021, because the moon is in an extremely comfy place. "[It's] a day when the moon is in feelings-oriented and flowing Cancer, a sign that it rules and so it too is quite happy, and makes a sweet sextile to Uranus," Gailing says. "This encourages us to break out of patterns, envision a different future, and discover what it means to feel free."

"With the planet of growth in the sign of healing, empathy, and dreams, everyone will feel showered in its boons and beauty." —Stephanie Gailing, astrologer

Given all of this, it's clear that this transit is a good time to be a water sign, especially if you're the twin fish or a crab. But Gailing stresses that "everyone" is slated to seriously benefit from the Pisces-Jupiter reunion. "That may sound optimistic and expansive, à la Jupiter, but I can’t help but think that with the planet of growth in the sign of healing, empathy, and dreams, everyone will feel showered in its boons and beauty," Gailing says.

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That all being said, Jupiter goes into retrograde June 20th, when it starts a backpedal journey into Aquarius on July 28th, where it stays through December 28th. Only then will it re-enter Pisces. "During 2022, it dances between Pisces and Aries all year." So in the meantime, enjoy this Jupiter in Pisces' two-day bounty as a lucky preview.

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