One Day In November Is Especially Lucky—And These 2 Zodiac Signs Will Feel Its Effects the Most

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November is a month marked by chilling temperatures, holiday planning, and general prep for the cozy season. Given this focus on the anticipation of celebrations, it's only fitting that the luckiest day of November, astrologically, happens around Thanksgiving. Exploratory Jupiter ends its retrograde phase the day before Thanksgiving, on November 23, in the sign of Pisces, which it governs. And with Jupiter going direct in Pisces, the planet's ability to foster the luck and fortune associated with it may feel even more pronounced, giving us even more reason to feel gratitude and give thanks—especially for two zodiac signs.

No longer doing the backstroke, Jupiter will evoke some amount of feelings of positivity and possibility in all of us. More glasses will appear half full rather than half empty, as we also sense that an overflow of opportunities is just around the corner.

No longer doing the backstroke, Jupiter will evoke some amount of feelings of positivity and possibility in all of us.

Pisces’s compassionate nature and its affinity for perceiving beyond just what's visible may be resources that we can more readily access right now. A sense of soulfulness abounds, as does a tendency to more deeply trust our intuition as the formidable ally it can be. Additionally, dipping into the well of love , emotion, and vulnerability not only feels more accessible right now, but gifts us with deeply felt treasures.

Also on this day is the new moon in Sagittarius, the other sign that is ruled by Jupiter, which inspires us to set our sights upon a new horizon and craft an intention that will help us find meaning, discover truths, and weave more adventure into our lives.

Again, all signs may find themselves feeling the upshot of this Jupiter Jackpot Day. But, Sagittarius and Pisces—the signs ruled by Jupiter and in which these two nearly simultaneous astrological events occur—may feel inspired even more.

The 2 signs that'll feel the effects of the luckiest day of November, astrologically


With Jupiter prancing forward in your fourth house of home, you may experience a greater sense of belonging on November 23. No matter where you are, you’ll likely feel as if you’re at home. Opportunities for growth with family dynamics may come, and issues may feel as though they're inching away.

When it comes to making your abode even more homey, don’t be surprised if lady Luck really delivers. For example, a relative with a keen eye for design may gift you with the décor solution to your liking. And that piece of furniture you’ve had your eye on? Don’t be surprised if goes on sale, begging you to purchase it.

Ultimately, whatever arises may seem to set a new chapter in motion, helping you to reforge your image and identity. After all, as the new moon is in your sign, that means it ignites your first house of identity. And with that, you’ll feel like you’re embarking on a new journey—one that will have you navigate life in a whole new way.


Your traditional planetary ruler not only shifts direct on November 23, but it does so in your sign, which feels nothing short of magical. Given that this happens in your first house, you may find yourself wanting to live up to your potential, feeling a greater sense of ease in being as wise as you naturally are. Given this energy you will embody, you may find others will feel more drawn to you for the deep level of acceptance and understanding you embody. Your sparkle factor is quite bright right now.

With the new moon taking place in your 10th house, this Jupiter movement may inspire developments in your career trajectory, as well as the ways in which you want to contribute to the world at large. A greater understanding of how your parents influenced your life path can further help you envision the endeavors you now want to pursue.

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