The Luckiest Day of 2020 for Each Zodiac Sign, According to an Astrologer

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In this dawning time of the still-new decade, it's natural to feel a welcome sense of renewed hope about all the things, personal and global. While troubling issues (like fires and politics, to name two big examples) persist, certain auspicious astrological days are worth bookmarking in your calendar to keep that hope alive. So, perhaps you're curious about what the luckiest day of the year for you might entail? Well, that largely depends on Jupiter.

"Typically, we associate the planet Jupiter with luck, and if you want to know your personal luckiest day of the year, look at the day when the sun meets up with your natal Jupiter," says astrologer Rachel Lang. (You can run your birth chart for free here, but you might benefit from meeting with an astrologer to help you find the specific Jupiter-in-the-sun date.) "This is going to be the luckiest day of each year for you, and it’s typically a time when good things happen."

"We associate the planet Jupiter with luck, and if you want to know your personal luckiest day of the year, look at the day when the sun meets up with your natal Jupiter." —astrologer Rachel Lang.

In addition to Jupiter, Lang suggests keeping an eye on Venus, which signifies times when you’re apt to enjoy life and experience pleasure (ahem, pleasure). Since she says we all benefit when Jupiter and Venus relate, keep an eye on March 27 and October 19 as general feel-good days, no matter your sign. Likewise, on May 19 and September 9, the Sun and Jupiter harmoniously aspect one another, filling us with hope and plenty of favor, Lang says.

Of course, since astrology is so personalized, knowing your specific luckiest day of the year relies on your own chart. But for broader strokes about the best day for your sign? Lang has you covered with the top date to bookmark as a great one in your 2020 calendar.

Get out your calendar to write down the luckiest day of the year for your sign.

Aries: March 20

Always first out the gate, it makes sense that the luckiest day of the year for Aries will appeal to the power of action. "On March 20, your ruling planet, Mars, teams up with Jupiter," Lang says. "You will be unstoppable in achieving your goals."

Taurus: March 27

On March 27, a Jupiter-Venus trine amplifies the energy of Venus, which is Taurus' ruling planet, Lang says. "This is a day when you could feel more positive about life in general and more open to connections with others. It’s 'lucky' in that you’re in the flow and available for synchronicity."

Gemini: May 22

Every day is a party for a Gemini, but May 22 is an especially lucky one for making connections and dispersing fabulous energy. "On May 22, the Gemini new moon means a bright new beginning for you," Lang says. "It’s a day of creative insights and connections. Venus will be retrograde, but its conjunction with your ruling planet Mercury could inspire you to consider new ways to communicate your ideas. Venus and Mercury are in minor aspect with Jupiter, the planet of luck, which could make for a lot of synchronistic encounters."

Cancer: July 14

Cancers may already intuitively feel what will be their luckiest day, but if not, aim a dart around your birthday. "The sun in your sign opposes Jupiter, and you could have more opportunities open than you could imagine," says Lang. "It’s a time to be careful and discerning about what you prioritize and focus on. The moon meets up with Uranus in your sector of social engagement. You could have luck with relationships."

Leo: August 13

As the sun shine on your sign, Mercury stands close by, ready to be the messenger of good news. "Mars, the planet of passion and motivation is in compatible Aries, charging you up to go the distance with anything you’re working to achieve," Lang says. "The moon in Gemini makes this a great day for connecting with others and socializing."

Virgo: August 28

On August 28, your ruling planet, Mercury, trines Jupiter, which as we know is seriously lucky. "This influence could bring a lucky encounter or a chance to pitch a new idea," Lang says. "A couple of days before that on the 25th, a Mercury-Uranus trine could inspire brilliant ideas and solutions to life’s challenges. It’s a time to dream big and think beyond your fears." So, Virgo, you can expect an entire dynamic week for being unstoppable in late August.

Libra: December 21

Jupiter and Saturn conjoin in Aquarius, a fellow air sign, on December, and everything essentially falls into balance as a result. "The sun’s ingress into Capricorn, a cardinal sign, means you have the energy to make some real and lasting changes in your life," says Lang. "The influences of the day are especially favorable for family, home, and romantic activities. If you’ve been trying to start a family, this could mean good news for you."

Scorpio: July 10

For Scorpio, July 10 promises to be a day for connection, romance, and adventure: "If you can dream it, you can make it happen," Lang says. "The sun in Cancer aspects the moon in Pisces, two water signs. The moon will aspect Jupiter, helping inspire creative ideas. Mercury is retrograde, so don’t push yourself. Go with the flow."

Sagittarius: December 15

On December 15, Venus enters your sign and inspires a sense of confidence, allowing you to be whomever you want to be. "Mercury favorably aspects Mars, the planet of passion, helping you express what’s in your heart," says Lang. "We’re coming off an eclipse and Sagittarius new moon, too, on December 14, which adds to the potentiality of the day. It’s a new beginning."

Capricorn: April 4

Since you're celebrating your Emerald Year, Capricorn, technically every day is your luckiest day of the year. Prosperous days should pepper your calendar, but look out for April 4 in particular. "On April 4, Jupiter and Pluto will meet up in your sign for the first of three exact conjunctions," says Lang. "This influence is especially favorable for experiencing your power."

Aquarius: December 21

Aquarians are sharing the spotlight with Libra with their best day also on December 21. "The Great Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn happens in your sign, and this is a significant astrological event for all of us, but especially you," Lang says. "Jupiter is the planet of luck and opportunity; Saturn is structure and discipline. When these two planets come together in your sign, you can manifest your dreams and realize your visions. If you can dream it, you can make it happen."

Pisces: July 9

July 9 is an opportune time to really fall into flow. "On this day, the moon meets up with Neptune, Pisces’ ruling planet, and the sun is in harmonious aspect with both," says Lang. "This is a highly creative day, when you feel in sync with everything and everyone around you. Because Mercury is retrograde, you’ll need to go with the flow, but that won’t be difficult with the influence of Neptune, which helps make everything dreamier."

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