Celebrity Astrologer Susan Miller Calls It: May Brings the Luckiest Day of 2024

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Perhaps the thing I’ve come to love most about astrology over the years I’ve spent covering it is that it reinforces a comforting truth: Everything in life happens in seasons. The predictable repetition of cosmic transits is a helpful anchor, reminding us that any rough patch will eventually reach its end. That’s the moment where we find ourselves now, about to enter a new chapter after a dramatic eclipse season and disruptive Mercury retrograde. Not only will we get the bliss of a retrograde-free period from April 25 to May 2, but come May 18, 2024, we’ll experience the luckiest day of the year, says celebrity astrologer Susan Miller.

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  • Susan Miller, star astrologer and founder of Astrology Zone

On May 18, Jupiter comes into the closest conjunction with the sun that it’ll achieve all year, called a cazimi in astrology. Whenever a cazimi occurs, the sun—energetically, a life-giving force—is thought to lend an extra spark to the planet in question, dialing up its energetic effects. In this case, we’re talking about Jupiter: "the great planet of gifts and luck," says Miller. Add together the good Jupiterian vibes and the positive boost from the sun, and you have what Miller says is the luckiest day of the year for everyone in 2024.

Right now, Jupiter is in Taurus, and after May 25, it’ll be in Gemini—which is why both Taurus and Gemini are considered the luckiest zodiac signs of 2024. To have Jupiter’s influence in your corner is to be especially auspicious. But you can think of the May 18 Jupiter cazimi as a moment during which we all get an extra dose of Jupiter’s goodness. (And Miller says we’ll feel it in the days just before and after, too.)

“Jupiter just wants to make you happy, and it asks for nothing in return.” —Susan Miller, astrologer

To make the most of the Jupiter cazimi and the luckiest day of the year on May 18, Miller suggests doing something that might benefit from some extra cosmic luck. “You should do something hard or something that you really want to work out, like a big interview, client pitch, or first date,” she says. It’s a day when serendipitous moments are unusually likely. “Jupiter just wants to make you happy,” says Miller, “and it asks for nothing in return.”

As for how exactly this lucky day will pan out for you? That depends on your zodiac sign. The Jupiter cazimi in Taurus will land in a different astrological house (or sector of a birth chart) for each sign. Read on to find what your sign can expect from the luckiest day of the year in 2024—and be sure to scroll to both your sun sign and your rising sign for an accurate forecast.

What the luckiest day of the year will bring for every zodiac sign in 2024


aries horoscope slide

Money moves are on your lucky forecast, Aries. The Jupiter cazimi falls in your second house of resources, finances, and personal value. “You should ask for a raise, finalize a big deal, or make a big sale—or purchase!—on the RealReal,” says Miller. In any case, luck is on your side when it comes to exchanges of money or anything where you’re trying to get a good deal.


taurus horoscope

The world is your oyster right now, Taurus. Because the Jupiter cazimi is occurring in your sign—aka, your first astrological house of self, identity, and ego—you can experience great luck across the board, says Miller. Think of May 18 as just one extra lucky day to help round out a months-long streak of good fortune, which began when Jupiter moved into your sign in May of last year.


gemini horoscope

Your good news might happen in a more low-key kind of way, Gemini. The lucky Jupiter transit hits your 12th house of the inner psyche, subconscious mind, dreams, and spirituality. It’s possible that “people are saying good things about you behind your back, and you might not realize it, or people may be really pulling for your success,” says Miller.

You can also have some positive breakthroughs by just doing some quiet work by yourself on this day, whether that’s research, writing, or another kind of creative or personal endeavor. “The 12th house is deeply meditative, intuitive, and spiritual, and it also rules belief in religion,” says Miller. Leaning into any of the above is sure to yield outsize returns on May 18.


cancer horoscope

Your friends are your wellspring of good luck, Cancer, with the Jupiter cazimi occurring in your 11th house of friendships, social networks, and hopes and dreams for the future. “This is a great day for you to do something with friends, like host a party or have a group dinner out,” says Miller. Otherwise, you might consider going to a convention or a conference, or perhaps a community meeting—anything where you can be surrounded by like-minded people.

Your chances are high for getting something either material or spiritual that you’ve been really wanting, says Miller (after all, the 11th house signifies our capacity for fulfilling our dreams). But the more you put yourself in the presence of friends, the higher that chance becomes.


leo horoscope

Work wins could be yours in the next couple weeks, Leo. The Jupiter cazimi lands in your 10th house of career and public reputation, putting luck on your side in all work-related matters. Miller’s advice? Take advantage of this auspicious energy by doing something to forward your career. Depending on your situation, that might entail reaching out to that one person in your field whom you admire, putting your name in the hat for a new opening at work, or something else entirely.


virgo horoscope

It’s time to broaden your horizons, Virgo. “I want Virgo to travel far and wide,” says Miller, of your lucky break, which falls in your ninth house of adventure, exploration, and learning. You don’t even need to have a particular place in mind; Miller suggests just Googling around a bit for good deals and seeing what you might find. A little bit of randomness could lead to something transformative.

And if you can’t get away for any reason? Not to worry. You can expand your horizons while staying physically close to home, perhaps by signing up for a workshop on a topic that seems interesting or sharing a personal or creative pursuit with a wider audience.


libra horoscope

If money stuff has been challenging for you lately, you’re in for a reversal of fate, Libra. As Miller puts it, the universe is making a correction for the tough money transits you’ve faced lately.

The Jupiter cazimi on May 18 hits your eighth house of shared finances, debt, and transformation, turning you into a money magnet: You might win a contest or raffle or get a bonus, commission, or royalty advance. Or maybe you get approved for a mortgage or loan—in any case, money could come to you, but it’ll likely be outside of your salary, says Miller.


scorpio horoscope

Your relationships get a lucky boost from Jupiter, Scorpio. With the cazimi hitting your seventh house of one-on-one partnerships, you’re the sign most likely to have a positive engagement or marriage in May. But even if that’s not in your personal stars, you could have luck when it comes to other close partnerships. Perhaps you find an awesome business partner, agent, publicist, lawyer, or accountant—someone with whom you can formalize a partnership and who can have a significant impact on your livelihood, says Miller.


sagittarius horoscope

Jupiter’s positive glimmer hits some aspect of your everyday routine, Sagittarius, with the cazimi occurring in your sixth house of rituals, work, and wellness. Perhaps you have a breakthrough in terms of health or fitness, or work picks up in a positive direction. If you’re self-employed, “that could mean business is brisk,” says Miller. Otherwise, you could find yourself landing the best assignments in your department—projects that will get you noticed and rewarded down the line.


capricorn horoscope

The luckiest day of the year is pulling on your heartstrings, Capricorn. You’re the luckiest sign of them all in love during this Jupiter cazimi, which falls in your fifth house of romance, pleasure, and leisure. If you're single and searching, you have a unique opportunity to find “the love of the century,” says Miller. If you’re partnered, you could take your connection to the next level or find a new way to reignite the spark over something you and a partner both enjoy.


aquarius horoscope

Your luck could arrive in matters of house and home, Aquarius. “You have the best real estate aspects of all the signs,” says Miller. If you’re considering buying a home, this could be your moment. Otherwise, you might be ripping your home apart, moving in with a significant other, or just redecorating. In any case, a positive change on the domestic front is written in your stars.


pisces horoscope

Have you had a chance to speak your mind lately, Pisces? If not, Miller says the cosmos is lining up to make that possible with a “beautiful communication aspect” when the Jupiter cazimi lands in your third house of information and media. This is good energy for putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and writing that book or screenplay or even just that social media post. The more you write or otherwise communicate how you feel, the better luck you’ll have making meaningful connections and achieving personal goals.

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