A Lucky-in-Love Astrological Aspect Arrives Later This Month—And These 3 Signs Could Benefit the Most

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This back-to-school month has the discovery of transformative relationships on the cosmic curriculum. Lessons in love arrive not only because of the new moon in Libra—the sign of partnerships and romance—on September 25, but also thanks to love planet Venus forming a positive trine with transformational Pluto on September 26. (This just means that the two planets are harmoniously situated in signs of the same element—in this case, Earth signs.) Because of the planets it involves, this upcoming astrological aspect could prove especially lucky for three signs: Taurus, Libra, and Scorpio.

Generally, the energy surrounding this Venus-Pluto trine will revitalize all things love and relationships. You could come to a new understanding of what it is that you deem to be indelibly attractive and begin to own your inherent right to fill your life with pleasure. The involvement of mystical Pluto, which is associated with regeneration and evolution, could also lead you to release any fears that may be distancing you from what really attracts you.

You could come to a new understanding of what it is that you deem to be indelibly attractive and begin to own your inherent right to fill your life with pleasure.

Though September is also marked by Mercury in retrograde (a time of wonky communication mishaps), Mercury could actually help elevate this lucky astrological aspect even further. The planet forms a conjunction with Venus while Venus is in trine to Pluto, adding a bit of intellectual depth to the moment. Overall, Mercury is reminding us not to forget past learnings and to proceed with patience as we work to uncover the treasures that will fill our lives with love.

While we all have the potential to access the great renewal that this celestial highlight yields, the Venus-ruled signs of Taurus and Libra and Scorpio-ruled Pluto are bound to feel it the most, given that their planetary rulers are at the center of the action. Read on for more cosmic intel on how this aspect could uniquely affect each of these signs.

Here are the 3 zodiac signs that will *really* feel this lucky astrological aspect in September


When your planetary ruler, love-oriented Venus, meets up with Mercury on September 26, it happens in the sector of your chart dedicated to love affairs. Not only may your heart feel more open to love, but also, you’ll likely find the power to speak your truth in a more meaningful way. Lessons from past relationships may help you clarify both what turns you on and how to more effectively ask for your needs to be met.

Because Pluto will be highlighting your ninth house—the house that governs travel and exploration—during its trine with Venus, you could also find that a boost to your love life arrives when you expand your horizons. Perhaps you plan a trip somewhere far from home with a long-term partner, or if you’re single, it's possible that a fortuitous encounter may occur with someone from a faraway locale, or whom you might not normally choose to date.


On the eve of the lucky Venus-Pluto trine, with the new moon in your sign, you could feel ready to tap into that exciting feeling that change is around the corner. As you look to set a new intention or make a new plan, tune into your emotions, as they can guide you to focus on aims that will end up being the most nourishing.

When Venus, also your planetary ruler, forms its lucky trine with Pluto the next day, it does so within your twelfth house, a deeply psychic, numinous part of your chart, while Pluto activates your fourth house of home and belonging. This combination could grant you a kind of soulful energy. You could feel as though you more effortlessly perceive certain subtleties or you’re more capable of tapping into your intuition. It’s an aligned time to turn to your ancestors; perhaps you create an altar dedicated to them as a way to further connect with your roots and heritage.


During this auspicious alignment, your planetary ruler Pluto is activating your third house, the part of your chart tied to communication, while Venus is highlighting your 11th house of friends, collectives, and technology. As such, if you’ve been looking for a resource to help you communicate something more clearly, look no further than your community. Turn to those who share your visions and values to help you craft your messages, so that they reach your audience with crystalline clarity.

Given the influence of Mercury in retrograde, it’s very possible that friends or partners from your past could be the linchpin in helping you educate, inform, or connect with others. And if you're searching for love, it’s worth communicating your desires to your friends, too, as one of them may have recently met someone who could just be your cosmic match.

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