13 Zodiac Chart Placements That Could Indicate Very Good (Karmic) Luck

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While Aries and Taurus will have a very lucky 2023, they're not the only ones who can reap cosmic fortune. Your natal chart, which dictates where all the planets in the sky were at the exact moment of your birth, holds the key to unlock all sorts of insights about your personality, including the way you love and handle conflict, and even what happened or how well you followed the 12 laws of karma in your past life. There are certain lucky astrological placements too that can even indicate good karmic luck in different areas of life. 

And don't worry; it doesn't mean you're unlucky if you don't have them. It just means those who do have an extra boost of good luck in their corner. Pull up your natal chart via your favorite astro site or app and learn about the placements below. 

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Having any of these lucky astrological placements in your chart bodes well

Jupiter conjuncts the sun or moon

Astrological luck can’t be discussed without acknowledging Jupiter. "If we were to have a spokesperson for luck in the chart, it would be the planet Jupiter, who is connected with fortune, expansion, prosperity, and bounty," says astrologer and tarot reader Clarisse Monahan. Notably, she says if Jupiter conjuncts (meaning meets up in the same astrological sign) with your sun or moon, it is believed to bring prosperity and indicates that you are destined for great things. 

Jupiter sextile the sun

Another Jupiter placement that's particularly lucky and supportive is when the planet sextiles the sun (meaning they're positioned 60 degrees apart). "When these two powerhouse planets have contact, a person is often friendly and has a generous attitude," says astrologer and transformation coach Lumi Pelinku. "This alone provides an abundant flow and luck in their lives."

Jupiter conjunct North Node

The North Node in our birth chart points us toward fulfillment, Pelinku says. Though it can be uncomfortable to pursue, she adds that once we start living the path of our North Node, that can lead to fortunate opportunities. And when you add Jupiter into the mix, it gets even better. "With Jupiter conjoined with the North Node, this adds a layer of charisma and a boost of luck when they decide to take a chance and try new things," she says. "This planet sends assistance in divine signs/synchronicities, as well as chance encounters that provide support in ventures. Jupiter adds this power of confidence and blessings to someone as they walk their own unique path."

Sagittarius rising

If you're a Sagittarius rising, consider yourself lucky, too. Given that Jupiter rules Sagittarius, Monahan says this chart placement indicates that Jupiter is your chart ruler. "Being Jupiter ruled means you tend to view life with a very positive lens," she says. "The glass is always half full for these people."

Venus in the 1st house of self

While Jupiter is known as the Benefic planet, Venus is the second-luckiest planet. "Venus represents a powerfully attractive force in our cosmos," Monahan says. "People and things are drawn to its energy. It doesn't have to work hard to receive perks and benefits." 

So, Monahan notes that when you have Venus in your chart—particularly on one of the four main angles: the Ascendant (1st house), the Midheaven (10th house), the Descendant (7th house), or the IC (4th house)—that brings good fortune and happiness. The luckiest Venus placement is in the first house, indicating a sunny and charismatic disposition. "These people are natural socializers," Monahan says. "They want to connect with people everywhere they go, and people want to connect to them."

Venus in the 10th house of career

"As people are naturally drawn to Venus energy, this placement means that opportunities for you are aplenty, especially when it relates to your career, awards, and achievements," Monahan says. "You can be very lucky with getting your foot in the door, finding yourself in places at just the right time, or finding yourself moving up the ladder quickly."

Venus in the 7th house of relationships

"This is an extremely auspicious aspect for love," Monahan says. Having Venus in the 7th house of relationships indicates partnerships (whether intimate, friendship or business) in your life come easily for you are a great source of happiness.

Venus in the 4th house of home and family

Venus in the fourth house, which deals with home and family, shows you may have had a happy and positive upbringing. "Venus as an energy stands for love, connection, and harmony," Monahan says. And she adds that a well-balanced, Venus-influenced upbringing tends to manifest in adulthood as healthy boundaries and healthy relationships. 

Venus in Libra or Taurus

All that said, Monahan notes there is a caveat regarding Venus' luck. It also depends on which sign it is in within your chart. For instance, Venus creates more harmony, luck, and love when it is in Libra or Taurus, which the planet rules.

Venus next to Jupiter

Furthermore, Venus' good fortune also depends on what other planets it aspects in your birth chart. For example, if Venus is next to Jupiter, "lucky you—this is doubling down on your luck," Monahan says. On the other hand, she says, if Venus is next to Saturn, the planet of restriction and lack, it may mean that things are a bit more difficult for you in the love department.

Part of Fortune conjunct the sun

Part of Fortune is an Arabic point where the sun, moon, and rising sign intersect, signaling how we can find fortune in our life, Pelinku says. (Punch in your birth details here to find your Part of Fortune). If your Part of Fortune conjuncts the sun, she adds that luck will be on your side when you choose to live authentically. 

Part of Fortune aligned with Benefic planets

When your Part of Fortune aligns with the benefic planets Venus and Jupiter, that also brings luck into your life. "When it is conjunct to Venus, you may be lucky in love and financially," Pelinku says. And, "Jupiter and Fortune together can add the energetic support wherever it is located in houses of the birth chart."

Part of Fortune conjunct North Node

Also, look to see if your Part of Fortune is conjunct with your North Node. "When the North Node is conjunct Part of Fortune, this individual is multifaceted and holds a lot of gifts and ability to ease into different life experiences," Pelinku says. "Whatever life throws in their direction, they can maneuver it to some form of productivity that leads to endless opportunity."

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