An Astrologer Reveals Your Lucky ‘Power Color’ for 2024, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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If you’ve had an aura reading, you’re familiar with the connection between color and energy. It’s thought that each of us has a unique aura, or energy field that surrounds our body, which can be seen by an aura reader or in an aura portrait as a blend of a few colors. Because of the associations of different colors with different kinds of energy—say, green with compassion, and red, with power and assertion—it’s also true that certain zodiac signs are more closely aligned with particular colors than others. And in light of every sign’s 2024 horoscope, there’s also a lucky color that reflects the energy of each zodiac sign this year.

While, technically, all colors come from the same source (pure light), the human eye can distinguish between seven different wavelengths of light, which is why we can see seven core shades of color: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. The longer the wavelength, the more intense the color and its associated energy will be. For example, the color with the shortest wavelength (380 nanometers) is violet, which relates to the concepts of spirituality and higher consciousness. The color with the longest wavelength (700 nanometers) is red, which relates to action and high-energy momentum.

An easy way to understand the relationship between color and energy is to pay attention to how colors appear in the natural world. For example, the color green often occurs on trees and plants, and in parks, forests, and fields that may provide feelings of peace when we’re immersed in them; it’s no wonder, then, that green is associated with relaxation and calm. Likewise, the color yellow is connected with the sun, and when we’re basking in its warmth and light, we’re more prone to feeling inspired; it only follows that yellow is connected with happiness and creativity.

By the same token, the planets in our solar system are also connected to particular colors by way of their unique energies. For example, Mars is the planet of action, igniting passion through the color red. Whereas, Neptune is the planet of dreams and mysticism, and is represented by indigo and dark blue.

The major planetary transits (aka movements of the planets) into various zodiac signs this year is what will determine each zodiac sign’s lucky color for 2024. Read on for your zodiac sign (you can check your sun, moon, and rising) to learn the lucky color that will (re)connect you with your personal power in the year to come.

The lucky "power color" for each zodiac sign in 2024

Aries: red

The symbol for the aries zodiac sign, which resembles a ram.

As the most fiery of all the zodiac signs, you might not be surprised that your lucky color for 2024 is red, Aries. What you might be surprised by is how much surrounding yourself with it will inspire you to take huge leaps of faith. With the north node (aka a point in the sky associated with fate and destiny) in your sign all year, your zest for life will be contagious as you experience the wind at your back whenever you courageously chase your goals. To dial up your power, try imagining a red light extending from your root chakra, located at the base of your spine, whenever you’re meditating, for better results.

Taurus: yellow

What began transpiring for you in the spring of 2018, Taurus? This is when Uranus, the cosmic awakener, entered your sign. Besides liberating you from what no longer lights your spark, what this exhilarating planet seeks to do is walk you through the exciting spiritual awakening you’re experiencing now. In 2024, you will know major intuitive and creative downloads are trying to arrive when you’re feeling nervous or anxious. Meditating with yellow crystals like citrine and bumblebee jasper while imagining a beacon of yellow light illuminating your solar plexus chakra will help you welcome these insights.

Gemini: silver

Great news, Gemini! Your power color for 2024 is silver, which is one of the easiest to embrace and harness. In 2024, you will be graced by one of the most adored planets in the solar system: Jupiter, the explorer and philosopher, enters Gemini in late May, bringing you major luck. As a jovial and opulent influence that only arrives once every twelve years, Jupiter’s presence is something to celebrate. If you can swing it, investing in silver jewelry to adorn yourself for all your social, business, and networking events will help you stand out from the crowd as you welcome one of your best years yet.

Cancer: white

In the year ahead, you are protected by a higher power, Cancer. Starting in late May, Jupiter—the planet of the higher mind—enters your 12th house of spirituality, moving you closer to the divine. This deepening of your connection with the other side actually functions as preparation for the summer of 2025, which will be a time of huge personal growth and expansion. In the meantime, your color for 2024 is pure white: To harness the wisdom of this year, try dressing in white, clearing your energy with the sacred crystal selenite, and meditating while imagining yourself surrounded by a white, bright light.

Leo: light blue

Get ready to begin connecting with others on a deeper level, Leo. Connections of all kinds will play a key role when it comes to your personal growth and evolution, as Pluto in Aquarius begins activating your seventh house of relationships. Since networking will be increasingly necessary for you, dressing in or wearing light blue accessories whenever you’re presenting or communicating will help get your message across. Whenever you feel like your connection to your voice requires a boost, try meditating while holding light blue crystals like anhydrite and aquamarine over your throat chakra.

Virgo: orange

An energy of power and strength will accompany you for most of the year, Virgo. Since mid-October of last year, and until early August, Juno—the asteroid of commitment—has been and will continue to infuse your relationships with a more profound sense of authenticity. The color orange will assist you in the process of integrating individuality and connection, guiding you in processing the emotions that derive from your interactions with others. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to surround yourself with mood-boosting spring and summer flower arrangements filled with orange blooms.

Libra: pink

Perk up, Libra! This year, you’re continuing a trend that began back in the summer of 2023 and that extends to January of 2025. The south node (aka a point in the sky associated with past-life karma), often seen as the “cosmic broom,” has been removing from your life what is no longer aligned with your path. As this personal evolution continues, the color pink assists you in practicing all the self-love and self care that your spirit needs. Begin the year on a high vibe note by creating your own aura cleansing mist by infusing distilled water with roses and rose essential oil. This way, you can spritz yourself any time you need an energetic pick-me-up.

Scorpio: purple

In 2024, you’re the master strategist, Scorpio (yes, even more so than usual). For most of the year, your sign will host one of the most fascinating planetary bodies, Pallas Athene. This asteroid of wisdom and decision-making will function as your intuition-boosting guidance, aligning perfectly with all shades of purple. Investing in an amethyst bracelet or purple agate necklace opens your crown chakra so you’re better able to see the big picture and absorb the universe’s good vibes. This will be especially true from January 1 to February 5 and then again from May 16 to September 7.

Sagittarius: indigo

Power comes in many forms, Sagittarius. And in 2024, it comes as a kind of clairvoyance for you. With both taskmaster Saturn and dreamy Neptune traveling in the psychic waters of Pisces, which rules your fourth house of home and privacy, you’ll be better able to see what lies below the surface of any situation. In turn, you’d do well to surround yourself with the color indigo. Often found in lifestyle accessories and home-enhancing textiles, this natural dye is known to help us “see” into other people’s energies. Diving into the unknown and searching for the truth never looked so bohemian chic.

Capricorn: green

For you, Capricorn, 2024 is all about taking care of number one. You’ll be inspired to self-parent as Ceres—the asteroid of nurturance—travels through your sign from February 7 to December 6. Since Ceres is connected to nature and the seasons of the Earth, green is your go-to color when it comes to living a well-balanced life and being in flow with the rhythms of nature. This spring, you might decide to enhance either your indoor plant selection or your outdoor garden.

Aquarius: crimson

You’re about to find out how having raw power truly feels, Aquarius. After briefly dipping into your sign in 2023, Pluto returns to Aquarius in 2024, where it’ll remain for the next two decades. As the transformative planet inspires you to tap into your immense strength and drive to make an impact on the world around you, crimson shows you the way. By incorporating this color into your wardrobe, you’re telling the universe that you’re ready to tackle anything thrown at you. Staying grounded and connected to your true desires is also an effect of this unforgettable, bold color.

Pisces: dark yellow

Like 2023, the year ahead is about continuing to build a strong foundation for yourself, Pisces. Your 2024 power color is dark yellow, often found in the auras of incredibly focused individuals who are lifetime learners and seek to build long-lasting legacies. With the cosmic teacher Saturn deepening its presence in your sign this year, you’re feeling ready to build something meaningful that will stand the test of time. Whether you’re expanding your studies, shooting for a higher role at work, or launching your own business, this unique shade of yellow will have your back.

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