This Is the Part of Your Life Where You’ll Have the Most Luck in February, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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Astrologically speaking, February is poised to be a pretty smooth-sailing month across the board, thanks to the fact that no planets will be retrograde (meaning they'll all be moving in apparent forward motion). Also on the cosmic curriculum, however, are a few highlights—like the romantic Venus-Neptune conjunction—that will influence the vibe on certain lucky days in February for each zodiac sign.

To get specific, the way that these different transits align in the sky will offer each zodiac sign an opportunity to supercharge a particular realm of their life this month, be it love, money, career, or another arena. To learn which domain(s) of your life could get a cosmic boost in February, scroll to both your sun sign (aka the sign you’d read a horoscope for and the one indicating your core identity) and your rising sign (the sign that reflects how you show up in the world).

For each zodiac sign, you’ll find intel on how you can expect your lucky days to manifest in February, how you can best tap into the planetary potential, and when the possibilities will feel the most potent.



With work-smart Saturn residing in your 10th house of career for the last two-plus years, you’ve definitely been investing a bit more than your seemingly fair share of sweat equity into your job. As the sun joins Saturn on February 16, you may find that all your hard work offers a streak of dividends, including the powerful support of your community.

Lucky days: February 11, 15, 16

Sex and intimacy


With your planetary ruler, communication-focused Mercury, hanging out between the sheets in the erotic realm of your chart, adopting an openly sex-positive orientation could transform your world this month. Given that the planet also forms a positive sextile with romantic Neptune on February 6 and a supportive conjunction with transformative Pluto on February 10, opportunities abound to welcome more sensuality into your life.

Lucky days: February 6, 10


This month’s lunations—the full moon on February 5 and new moon on February 8—spark the relationship sectors of your chart. And with that, new paths to intimacy may surface, especially if you make sure to honor your needs as much as you do those of your current or potential partner(s).

Lucky days: February 5, 8


Allies may emerge from the proverbial woodwork this month. The new moon on February 20 seeds new potential in your partnership zone. Take advantage of this by setting an intention for how you want your partnerships to unfold. While it’s always wise to be practical about your expectations, also be open to the possibility of romantic serendipity, since just days before the new moon, love planet Venus and dreamy Neptune also catalyzed this realm of your life.

Lucky days: February 15, 20



With communicative Mercury entering your home sector (aka your fourth house) on February 11, when it comes to family dynamics, speaking truth to power can be both liberating and transformational. Given that just the day before, Mercury unites with your planetary ally Pluto, finding ways to get to the heart of the matter—acknowledging your feelings and those of others—may shift the ground upon which your familial relationships are built.

Lucky days: February 10, 11


With both the Venus-Neptune conjunction on February 15 and the new moon on February 20 taking place in your fourth house of home and family, a relationship with a relative can grow and deepen this month, especially if you open your heart and tap into your reservoirs of empathy. Reflecting upon a travel adventure you’ve had with your family or one you’d like to take may clarify something important.

Lucky days: February 15, 20



Your charm can really take you places, opening doors to new opportunities that broaden your horizons. This is especially true after February 20, when magnetic Venus enters your sign. With your planetary ruler Mars also connecting to education-loving Mercury on February 22, be on the lookout for new ways to learn and grow toward the end of the month.

Lucky days: February 20, 22


The new moon in fellow water sign Pisces on February 20 will remind you that taking a broader viewpoint can help you distill the truth. Applying a philosophical vantage point to a practical matter can inform goals you want to set and horizons you’d like to reach.

Lucky days: February 15, 20



With relationships-focused Venus and numinous Neptune meeting up on February 15 in the wellness sector of your chart, soulful approaches to well-being—such as meditation, prayer, and mindfulness exercises—can do wonders for your well-being this month. You might also try telling a friend a dream you have and having them tell you one of theirs: Your nighttime visions could be revealing, and the shared experience can bring you closer.

Lucky days: February 15, 20



The conjunction of Mercury and Pluto on February 10 in your sign will remind you that you have the capacity—both monetary and talent-wise—to navigate new territories with ease. You could also experience an extra boost in the realm of your resources during Saturn’s cazimi (aka conjunction with the sun) on February 16, given the taskmaster planet is your planetary ruler. Asking probing questions about finances may translate into a pay-off that has you feeling more confident about your money matters.

Lucky days: February 10, 16



With communication-oriented Mercury entering your sign on February 11, you’ll have an enhanced ability to express who you are (and who you aren’t) through language this month. While you’ve likely experienced your fair share of “nos” these past few years, don’t discount the possibility of a crowning personal achievement around February 16, when the sun and Saturn (aka your traditional planetary ruler) meet up in your sign.

Lucky days: February 11, 16


Going with the flow—something that you tend to do instinctively—may offer you even more ease and grace this month. For this, you can thank Venus and Neptune coming together in your sign on February 15. Not only will this conjunction bring you experiences of personal fulfillment, but also, it can begin a beautiful new chapter in your life, especially around February 20, on the Pisces new moon.

Lucky days: February 15, 20

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